Powerlifter Hunter Henderson (82.5KG) Crushes 304.8-Kilogram (672-Pound) Squat, Sets All-Time Record W / Wraps

By now, Hunter Henderson pulling off the astonishing feats of squat strength is no surprise. On May 1, 2022, the powerlifter squatted 305 kilograms (672 pounds) for one rep during the 2022 World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) FQ Classic 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Henderson’s squat (raw with wraps) is a new all-time record 0 in the 82.5-kilogram weight class, and it ended up helping her come in first for the event. In addition to her wrapsHenderson also donned a lifting belt and knee sleeves for the lift.

Check out Henderson’s record squat below, courtesy of the Instagram profile of her coach Joe Sullivan:

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Rare Air

Henderson’s record might be even more impressive in context. For the 82.5-kilogram weight class, it smashes Chakera Ingram’s previous top mark of 295 kilograms (650.3 pounds) from the 2019 USA-UA Boss of Bosses 6. Ingram similarly achieved her squat while wearing wraps. Henderson’s squat is also the second-highest ever with wraps in a full powerlifting meet, and she’s the fourth woman powerlifter, across all weight classes, to squat at least 300 kilograms (661.4 pounds) in competition, according to Open Powerlifting.

Finally, Henderson now possesses both the 82.5-kilogram weight class squat with wraps record and the 75-kilogram weight class class record, thanks to a 295-kilogram squat (650-pound) from the 2021 WRPF Kern US Open.

With Henderson’s new 82.5-kilogram benchmark in account, here are the highest-ever squats by female powerlifters:

Female Powerlifters | Full Power Meet Top Squats (W / Wraps)

  1. April Mathis (89KG-plus) – 319.9 kilograms (705.4 pounds) | 2017 American Powerlifting Federation (APF) Gulfcoast
  2. Hunter Henderson (82.5KG) – 304.8 kilograms (672 pounds) | 2022 WRPF FQ Classic 2
  3. Kiersten Scurlock (89KG-plus) – 302.5 kilograms (666.9 pounds) | 2021 United Powerlifting Association (UPA) Hooligans Holiday Bash
  4. Samantha DiBois (89KG-plus) – 300 kilograms (661.4 pounds) | 2016 UPA Relentless Minnesota

While Henderson’s staggering squat drew much of the appropriate attention, the rest of her performance was also stellar. Here are the final top stats from her entire meet:

Hunter Henderson (82.5KG) Lift Stats | 2022 WRPF FQ Classic 2

  • Squat (W / Wraps) – 304.8 kilograms (672 pounds) | 82.5KG all-time record
  • Bench Press (Raw) – 155 kilograms (341.7 pounds) | New competition best
  • Deadlift (Raw) – 255 kilograms (562.2 pounds)
  • Total – 715 kilograms (1,576.3 pounds) | New competition best

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A Seamless Back and Forth

In addition to being one of the powerlifting’s current brighter names, Henderson is an active competitive bodybuilder. Most recently, she won the 2021 National Physique Committee (NPC) USA Championship and earned her International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro League card in the process. That Henderson can balance professional powerlifting and bodybuilding – two sports with entirely different objectives in strength and building muscle mass – might be a testament to her prowess as an athlete.

In powerlifting, Henderson’s record meet extends her ongoing winning streak to eight consecutive victories. At 27-years-old, she has yet to lose a powerlifting competition.

Meanwhile, this meet was Henderson’s second event of the year, following the 2022 USPA Hybrid Showdown 4. While there, Henderson set the 82.5-kilogram weight class raw squat record with a 250-kilogram lift (551.1-pound). At the time of publishing, the powerlifter has not yet announced her next competition.

If Henderson’s stellar 2022 is any indication, she’ll likely continue to break new squat ground whenever she competes next.

Featured Image: @joesullivan_aod on Instagram

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