On Creating the Business & Life of Your Dreams: The Behind-The-Scenes Story of Building Simply Real Health: THE SERIES

If you’ve been thinking about starting a business… or if you already have a business but know you need a shift to make it a more purposeful and profitable path… I get it.

I know the mix of feelings that wanting to do your own thing and serving others and making money on your OWN terms brings. It’s overwhelming and exciting and exhausting, sometimes all before even starting. When you’re still in the dream-and-scheme phase.

But today is a special day, because I want to share my story with you of how I started (10 years ago!) And built Simply Real Health to what it is now. It’s a juicy one, full of plenty of ups and downs, and more learning curves than I can count.

But it’s also one of the things I’m most proud of, building this business into an all-encompassing resource for women who are ready to simplify the pursuit of a healthy, full life.

So, if you’re ready for some inspiration & some actionable steps that you can take to build your own dream, get yourself a cup of your favorite cozy bevvie, curl up in your comfiest chair and dig into the behind-the-scenes blog series on creating the business and life you’ve always desired…

Start here and read through the series in order for all the tips, steps & motivation you need to begin (and keep going):

And if you want to learn more about Marie Forleo’s B-School program that I talk about in a few of these posts (and that truly changed the course of my business + life), these training videos are the best way to see her teaching style and a sample of what the course materials are like… Watch them here!

Plus, find more of my absolute favorite business resources (including books, podcasts, apps and other helpful tools) in my FREE business resource guide.

Download it now!

photo by Carina Skrobecki

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