Your Bigger Purpose (In Life): How to Find It

Last week, someone asked me a question that I actually get alllll the time: did I always know what my purpose was? Did I always know or dream of starting a business around it? Answer: ha. No.

It wasn’t until after college that I even started to ask myself some of those bigger questions — like my purpose. What I was meant to do in this world.

I had interned my way all through college, working my way into what I thought would be my dream career (to be on TV as a host or news anchor) ……. only to find out that I actually didn’t like most things about it.

Which left me with the question— well, what DO I love?

* What lights me up?

* If I could pick anything to spend my time with, what would it be?

And the answer wasn’t really ever straightforward.

At least for something I could do as a career. Truly, at that time (13 years ago now, what ?!) there was no set career path that combined all the things I loved doing and that came easily to me and brought me joy (learning about health, wellness, food, nutrition, working out, and helping other people be healthier).

The options were minimal at best: 1) being a dietician and working in a hospital, or 2) being a fitness / yoga / pilates instructor. There was nothing in between, and definitely nothing focused on helping people live an overall healthy & more balanced lifestyle.

So I didn’t even know that starting a business around doing what I loved was even an option.

But deep down, when I asked myself those questions, the answers were always there. The things that made me feel energized, encouraged, and all the high vibe-good feelings were pretty steady and consistent. If only I’d known then that that act in itself of gathering up those things was GOLD.

Because here’s the truth: I believe that everyone has a gift. A purpose. A reason for being here. And something to give to the world.

Sometimes it’s obvious. And sometimes it’s not. It takes some digging, some uncomfortable times, some going down the wrong paths to eventually find your way to the right one.

But the reality is that everyone has something that they’re here to share. We are all connected in it too– in that when one person embraces what their thing is, the rest of us rise. The rest of us are a little more encouraged and pushed to pursue our purpose, not the opposite.

So it’s worth taking some time to think about… To consider who you are. Why you’re here. And if you have anything to share that could help make other people’s lives easier, better, more joyful, connected or more meaningful, in some way, shape or form.

And the really beautiful thing?

It can look a million different ways. It doesn’t have to be connected to your work or what do you daily as your job. But the end result is the same. You and I leaning into our own gifts, really stepping into them in order to help and serve others in some way, big or small. It could be as a wife, mother, or friend. As a business owner, or someone working in a longterm career. Your purpose can look many ways– even just learning how to incorporate more of your gifts and things you love into your daily life as it is now, is a powerful thing.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot, in light of all the events going on in our world. About raising our vibration… individually and as a group of humans too. And what that might change or start to shift.

Look, I know it’s a big question for a regular Thursday. So to simplify it (you know how I do), I put together some of my favorite questions to help you start to figure out our piece. Or remind yourself what you already know to be true.

I find myself coming back to these all the time, in the busyness of daily life, it can be easy to forget it. Or to let it fall to the backburner and get disconnected from it.

I put them all in a journal prompt worksheet for you here, because there is MAGIC to actually writing these things down with a real pen on real paper. Scientifically, it’s proven there is more of a connection that happens in your brain when you do.

So to really dive into and get to know your deeper purpose, and how it can play into every area of ​​your life, come grab those questions here:

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