4 Advanced Foods to Prepare + Cold Next (in 30 Minutes!)

What if I told you… you could take a list of one regular grocery store and use it to prepare and dry four different foods in the future, all in half an hour or less?

This is not a problem for elementary math. It’s a real life, like YOUR real LIFE! And I can’t wait to show you how to do it!

The truth is that we do not need much to ruin our lives. Especially when it comes to our diet and nutrition, which we all have to deal with on a daily basis — but this can be put off when things go crazy.

I want to simplify this part of life, our diet, because IT WILL be so simple. You have to feed us. It should keep our energy balanced. It should make us feel healthier and healthier from the cell to the health of our gut to our skin to our overall health.

But it is EASY to take either way or not. If I can’t spend an hour prepping a nice and healthy meal, it doesn’t mean takeout or a few things in the pantry is the answer (because let’s be real, we don’t feel too much after all).

Instead, what if you were a little preoccupied … spending 30 minutes or more in the kitchen cutting and preparing food in advance, before life became hectic? What if you had healthy, nutritious, sweet food on your hands, cold and ready to melt and throw in a pot or right away on days that are fast and furious?

It does not take perfection, even a lot of time or preparation. It just depends on the decision to take care of yourself (and your family health) in small ways.

The video below shows you how to prepare FOUR different foods after one purchase, packed in ziploc bags and dried in the future:

  • Instantpot Ratatouille
  • Red Lentil Coconut Curry
  • Minestrone
  • Split-Pea Potato Sauce

It’s all packed with healthy and vegetarian ingredients, and it’s easy to throw together in half an hour, all of it. I promise ANYONE can do this… even if you are not big on the kitchen or do not like to cook.

Any of these complete recipes can be found inside the SRH Cooking Club (along with a list of integrated recipes for these recipes)! And just now- until February 1st- you can join the group for $ 9.99 / month (usually $ 18 / month) OR $ 97 per year (usually $ 197)!

If you can sign up all year, you also get a free online cooking class every month with me as a bonus!

(We never know when the cost of joining a Cooking Club will be so low, or when we sell out in this case!)

This is the * Way * to go change the preparation, preparation, shopping, and cooking of your family’s weekly meal, with thousands of recipes to choose from, filter options for dietary restrictions, the ability to adjust diets to fit the number of people needed, and a shopping list maker.

Learn more about the small and exciting club you can join (and sign up for) right now!

photo by Carina Skrobecki

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