Proverbs 9 Best Goal To End The Year + Start New

Here we are at the end of another year of beautiful, satisfying & sound GOOD- in good ways, and growing.

If you are reading this, you are probably ready for the new year. Not that we need to reorganize and “resolve” to change our lives in the New Year. But something about a new beginning is life-giving, whether it is a new year, a month, a week or a day.

So right now, I want you to put your hand on your chest … and I want you to take a short break, and allow yourself to be proud right now. Not only will you be able to go through a year of growth and transformation, but doing so with your heart and happiness is still wise. And deliberately as you can.

Each year, for as long as I can remember, I find time to reflect on the past year. It is a tradition that helps me fix everything that has happened, and really take lessons and surprises that have happened, before moving on to the new ones.

As a culture we are always ready to move on to the next or new thing, sweep things under the rug, never stop accumulating wisdom or accepting the education and gold that came with a year of life.

So, I hope you can take this as a short break this week. To take your time, and to think. Make a habit of it, and do not be afraid to learn and rely on whatever it may bring you.

My Goal To End The Year And Start New

Many of these activities will take you to the ground to practice to see its power. Like anything that can change, it takes your energy and curiosity to hear it all.

If you have only one hour or 30 minutes to spend the next week or so sitting down, this is a very important task not only to focus on the past year but also to focus on what is coming. There is so much going on in one year that if we do not stop and look at all that has happened, we will not know how to change. To change our habits. Point holes and goals and much more.

Ready, ma’am? Let’s jump:

1. Let’s start by looking at your calendar from last year to count the trips you took or what you were proud of, the biggest milestones you made this year. Twelve months is a long time, and it is easy to forget the big moments, whether it is a trip, with family or wedding or work, goals, friends. Even your relationship with food can end and flow like any other part of your life. Take a look at this top photo of what happened last year.

If your calendar was really packed, was it full of colors when you look back on the year you see and appreciate how they filled your time? Looking like this when you are spending your time, especially if you use a calendar that has your daily routine and things you are working on and going through, can be very helpful.

I look at everything- my iCal of events and dates and times are selected as well as a small day maker that fills my weeks. It’s a fun way to start all of this, to see what you have wasted most of your time on or to make the most of. Remind yourself of everything that happened – good, bad, bad, high and low, in between.

So I often answer the following: 1) Which of the following was a definite YES ?! As life-giving and spending a lot of time and energy? Make a list of them. This is great for keeping new in your mind next year.

2. Then, what were the things that were not appropriate for the time, energy, stress, or emotional space you took in your life? Rewrite them. This is the secret to keeping yourself from the same mistakes next year and being more aggressive about where and what you are spending your precious energy on.

3. Write down 25 things you were proud of last year. It could be anything. Don’t be humble for one hour a year as you do this — we often overlook things that mean a lot to us – even if they are small. If you get a smile or a smile from there, write it down.

4. Choose a word or phrase which summarizes the year, all, and notes.

5. Choose a word or phrase (or 2 or 3) of the great indisputable lessons / obstacles that were presented to you that year. Does he have a head? Another way to think about this: what aroused interest in other areas that you may not have considered?

6. Share with someone you love and trust. There is another beauty to saying these things out loud – not to brag, but to let them all sink. Encouraged, excited and encouraged to do more that is important to you in life.

Let me give you an example – I am still working on this week to share, and yours will be and will be completely different depending on what is important and life-giving to you.

But, in the normal years, here are some of the groups I love to come back and enjoy:

  • Number of trips we took & places we went
  • Number of days of days
  • Discarded / hosted parties
  • Great annual highlights
  • Very good food
  • Cocktail order of the year
  • Temperature bevvie system of the year
  • Motto / word / word of the year
  • Great lesson / game changer per year
  • Song of the year that completes it all
  • The best money you have ever made for yourself this year (time, information, program, book, etc.)

Let’s talk about the year 2021. Things like:

  • good food you cook at home
  • good fun or how you live at home you would not have had time before
  • the best songs or your favorite songs of the year
  • the best ways you have made this year to have a night out boyfriend
  • words of the year
  • major symptoms

Fun, okay?

I love making it beautiful, this one. This is probably what you see me writing on IG every year. ? I like to keep this list for memory. This will be my 7th year doing this and it is a good reminder of all the good things you do and experience and enjoy each year.

Year in the comments, it’s done.

Next: Prepare for next year.

Well, once your year of review is over, I have a few questions so you can put yourself in the driver’s seat for a bit and anticipate the coming year.

7. I want you to pretend that December 31, 2022, one year from now, I think seriously and think it was a very good year. What made it so? Write.

8. What did you do differently in 2022 to make it so? What did you have to give up, change, and change to reflect the way you want in every aspect of your life? Write.

9. Choose the word 2022. Write down it, too — how you want to feel, the thoughts you want to have, or the way you want to appear. What is this year for you?

Well, you’re done!

Are there any other topics you have found?

Gold objects?

You guys, keep these notes. This is a personal treasure, which helps you to remember the great things in life, and how you want to have them. Whenever you feel like you need encouragement, bring out and remind yourself where you want to go, and what needs to happen to do that. I keep this and read it every week, but it is up to you.

And I hope it will help you to be able to manage your future, whether it is next month, year, or 10 from now. Living a good life requires preparation and meditation and purpose, but it is worth it. You are important. And you have this, sister. 2022, here we come!

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