11 Easy & Healthy Cookies On Vacation & Cooking Recipes

Holidays are HERE and it means it is a time of celebration and warmth (for pregnancy and life). I just love to cook this time of year. There’s something gleaming about the kitchen heater and filling your home with the scent of cinnamon and cardamom and the whole warm, comforting scent.

But, doing this without ingredients or recipes that cause insane sugar (and breakdown) that triggers our blood sugar levels and triggers cravings that are hard to quench. I love simple, easy, fast, nutritious foods that are combined with the energy of fun & intentional eating.

… yes, even when making holiday fun! Basically, especially when planning holidays.

The reason today is to share cookies and recipes, packed with easy-to-exchange ingredients that work well in your body. These are all good things you can easily do AND be proud of, enjoy and feel good about serving others.

These recipes will help you feel & work as best you can (even when life is busy), and give you the energy to become your own life, how you feel, your energy & how you feel ONE DAY…. which, we all need on vacation in particular, yes?

Instead, these are recipes that can help you change old (old) eating habits (especially this time of year) and elevate them to be more inspiring.

Eeh. Truly! It starts with selecting ingredients intentionally, thoughtfully, and from real objects. Even making holiday cakes.

So let’s get into the best holiday food recipes to make for the holiday season!

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11 healthy cookies & cookie recipes

Simple holiday cookies and cookies to fill your home and kitchen with warmth and love to add to this season!

  1. Gluten-Free Holiday Cookies: A simple short cake has made an old way of cutting a tube of flour into a circle and baking! Also a nice cookie to decorate with a fun holiday look using cocoa powder or natural spices!
  2. Gluten-free Ginger cookies: These cookies are chewed well with the right amount of delicious spices and seasonings.
  3. GF Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies: Well, YES, these are amazing for breastfeeding mothers to boost their diet, but you don’t have to drink milk to love them. Believe. With simple but excellent cook chip cookies.
  4. Chocolate Chip, Cocoa Nib + Olive Oil Cookies: Listen to me, replace olive oil with butter and GAME CHANGER for cookies! It doesn’t make them taste olive-y or like dressing up a salad, but it does add to this hidden treasure that should die. You should try this (and throw a few on Santa’s cookie plate, too).
  5. Honey-Butter + Oatmeal (GF) cookies: Sweet and very sweet, this is simpler and SWEET than the best.
  6. Peanut Butter cookies: Yes, we are heading back to the museum here in 2013, but it is worth it. Sugar or flour is in these cutlets but it is GOD.
  7. GF Raspberry Jam Dot cookies: These may be my favorite cookies…. For full disclosure, I’m not a big candy gal, but that gets me. Every time. It dissolves in your mouth and usually stays in our house for only two days.
  8. GF Strawberry Shortcakes: If you do not like cookies, these shortcuts do not last long. Top with whipped cream and * chef kissing *.
  9. Melted Chocolate Olive Oil Cake: My favorite thing about Kyle that I make, as well as entertaining people on any holiday that you might be doing or attending!
  10. Blueberry Morning Baby Cake: Note: not just for babies! I made a birthday cake for Noah for the first time but it has been very important in our home ever since (for people young and old).
  11. Flourless Cake Cake Muffins: Small carrot cakes will be a fun item in our home forever. Best for any time of the day!

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