It’s 2021 and I’m still Handwriting My Training Programs. Here’s why

Software development and skills; there is no doubt about it. A man displaying a fearful attitude, flexibility, and skills in a a well-adapted program and a skilled teacher / teacher. Most of us coaches are busy with systems and programs. The A-binding exercises here are exercises B in it may add simplicity, but the form is distorted.

The methods that worked as a charm 10 years ago are the remnants of today. Training methods and coaches are growing, as are cookie-cutter software programs. In many ways, the appeal of these programs is worth their weight in gold. But do we really lose out on magic when we do?

Coach Chris Holder explains his program to the athlete
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My Teaching History

I can’t speak for all the coaches because I don’t know what they are against. My story is strange to a a powerful college teacher. I paid my teaching fees in a special way. I started at Eastern Kentucky University as a student in the spring semester of 2000. Six weeks after my training, my Headmaster, Mike Kent, took a major job at Louisville University and had to leave. Because of a new relative of his position at EKU, the leadership was unprepared and told me to write until an investigation could be carried out instead of Teacher Kent. I worked alone for three months, trying to keep up with the running department power program floating.

One of the hardest tasks when he came to her was software development as he did. Note: Kent wrote each program manually. Each group should have one or more sheets of paper that can carry the group for a month or two. He created every system in Excel, where the experiments would be built into a sheet of paper. He then spends the weekend repairing a manual program goods for every athlete at the level of the entire sports department. One red pen, followed by hours and hours of work. Kent ku Good preparation ensures that each athlete has the interest he or she wants.

Differences Between Papers and White Boards

The teacher-athlete relationship is fun. When it comes to tracking, athletes are ordered to indicate whether they like it or not, and they have no say in their programs. If you are a private teacher or have a gym / box, your customers have a lot to say. But one thing is clear in all places – the people who are being trained on your behalf want to feel like they are being given the right care, not as members of a group but as individuals.

There are a few instances where using a white board is acceptable on my site. Most of the time, we use white wood when teaching. When we are trying to find a way to play it and when the goods are not very important, the first month or so is a good time to rely on the white board. Once again, in my experience, which is real, we will also keep the team on the white board if team members do not show commitment. Let’s face it, no one in the school takes it rich education as deep as I do, and there are other groups that “pass.” I advise my assistants to take action. There is no need to spend hours and hours team development programs it will not provide a legitimate effort.

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Again, I understand that in the CrossFit box, most clients can be as temporary and consistent as a college team that needs to be seen. This makes the personal section very annoying because you never know when your customers will appear. But nothing that tells your customers that you have them, like giving everyone a piece of paper with their name on it. It’s a simple form that says a lot about your commitment to their progress. Yes, it can be time consuming, but it can also be the difference between a weak and a herculean.

Computer Programming vs. Manual Design

I have never used a computer to run parts of one of my programs. I have always done it with my hands. And honestly, I have never used a fixed number to distribute goods other than choosing heavy weights starting with the hypertrophy cycle based on what has just been developed. One-rep max. The method I use is the one that Coach Kent taught me, and it comes from the natural evolution of the method after 16 years and doing it that way.

Computer software depending on the percentage, for me, it makes a bold impression for the whole period of a education around. First, if you use a the direct route as I do, you write eight to 12 weeks at a time. If I write for twelve weeks hypertrophy program / strength / strength for the player, save the weeks with selected episodes, then click once to make it our base percentage, and ask the athletes to be perfect with theirs. food, their rest, their diligence – always. And let’s face it, none of them. It is impossible to sing in this way all the time.

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Manual programming gives me a number of advantages that computers cannot give me. First, even though I use what seems to be an algebraic formula in my head to identify properties, I find flexibility to adapt to the fly. You need this flexibility when Joe Blow overturned a knee last Friday. The hands-on preparation gives me insight when I realize that the whole team is about to do well, and unexpectedly deload sabbath that’s what it takes. It allows me (or compels me, really) to read completely about each person and hold my ass in the fire to be in touch with each of my runners. You can ask me any of the lessons on the so-and-so bench on his second set, and 99 percent of the time, I know what’s going on.

How I Make

If you watch the app, here is what it looks like: I have a lot of paperwork, and everyone signs “stop and think.” I have to look up the athlete’s name and review it and remember what this guy did last week. Then the writing begins. I will prepare the paper twice a week in other sections of the course, once for the first half, then once for the second. It makes me as modern as I can for anyone.

When it comes to teaching, I am selling the idea. I am selling a formula. I urge athletes to have complete confidence in me as I make decisions for them. The way I work gives my athletes complete freedom to not think. They come in, and their job is to do so to be straightforward and available and, most importantly, ready to do. I made up my mind for them the other day, to just come and kick the ass.

Hand crafts are part of it. When I give you a list of computer-generated numbers, it can be as fun as combing your hair or putting mustard on your sandwich. But when I give you a handkerchief with my pen, look at the person you are dating. The articles tell athletes I have had time to think about them every day of the week.

Photo Presentation: Chris Holder

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