Medium Understanding: Teaching Lessons From Rock ‘n’ Roll Roadie

I worked for 40 years as a high school teacher. For the last eight years I served as the coordinator of the Magnet Sports Sports Project at Van Nuys High School. At that time, my co-ordinator, Chris Hale, and I were planning to renovate the high school hall and set up a program that taught students how to create the sound and lighting of rock – roadie academy if you wish. Funding for the program came as a government grant that provides 90% of the money if a donor from a private company can come up with another 10%. Somehow we were able to talk to Frank Zappa’s family about giving up 10%, and we set off for the competition. It turned out that he was willing to give a coach, Marque Coy, who had been Frank’s mentor for 20 years.

I became acquainted with Marque during our years together. It turned out he was on the 27th international tour with the top names, including Robert Palmer and Nickleback. He grew up in the industry and had a good understanding of electricity and gas, two publications that he had to make wherever he had to install the equipment. Marque knew how to take care of expensive ropes and cords so that they would work perfectly at all times and last for many years. He understood how noise (which is actually a molecule of vibrated air) could be affected by the shape of the “house” (where the audience may be). He knew how human bodies can change the tone of voice, and he knew the difference between curtains and chairs with chairs compared to wooden chairs and floors without carpets. He was able to figure out how to set up the speakers and turn them on so that the whole eagle would not explode, and he knew how to set up a Steve Vai guitar so that the sound would be clear. With a history of ancient piano playing, Marque knew his music and how to make it sound appealing to seated people. Seeing him work and teach his students our program was a joy.

I realized that she and I had done the same. He was a master engineer of air molecules and I was the engineer of human protoplasm. Marque understood air and how it works, so he was able to change his behavior to get better results at concert events. In my training I needed to understand how the protoplasm can change its functioning under pressure to be used properly in order to achieve the best results on the platform. The point I want to make here is that, if you are training people to achieve performance, you need to know as much as you can about how protoplasm works and how it works, and how it can be further modified to be more effective. job design.

The title of the page is Muscle Fracture and we are all here with the goal of helping the muscles to function properly. However, muscle is not the only muscle. It affects and depends on the functioning of the circulatory, skeletal, nervous, endocrine, and digestive systems at a critical and gradual level in the integumentary, excretory, and lymphatic systems. Anyone who wants to become more proficient in the art and teaching of teaching has to know how the human body responds to education, otherwise it is impossible to make wise decisions by analyzing education and applying modifications that can have far-reaching consequences.

In the culture of physical education in this country we have a long history of ignoring the science involved in physical education. Many coaches simply took the necessary courses for anatomy and physiology in college and immediately ignored them because they could not figure out how the course would affect a runner’s ability to throw a ball. Well, he does, especially if his aim is to throw it away or over and over again with the same force.

It is time for more trainers in the fitness clubs to realize that understanding medicine is the key to moving forward with their athletes and doing this in a healthy and safe way. Many are attracted to the results of higher and graduate education, but not to the planning and design of education based on clear physical principles. If you are going to be a great coach you have to learn science, learn how to apply it and how to give a good chance for your athletes to succeed.

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