First Exercise: Round 5, Week 2

NOTE Editor: For a detailed description of the initial workout and the movement within it from their creator, Bret Hamilton, take a look its introductory talk with this 12-week program.

The Origin and Origin of Action

If you are just getting started and are not familiar with the courses included in this course, please show the tutorial videos included and make sure you understand the processes involved and have the right tools and location.

Keeping track of your progress is key to achieving the desired results. It will help you on your journey and will help you make sure you are using heavy equipment to help you repair, but not too hard that you are threatening or injured.

The program was designed to take place three times a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday would be fine.It will help strengthen strength, improve coordination and flexibility, as well as improve anaerobic endurance.

The total number of sets and / or repetitions will decrease as the program progresses, meaning that it is designed to switch from power-endurance to actual power over a period of 12 weeks.

Week 2

1. Travel Planning: Consider this with a gradual heating up. Many soft materials include foam rollers and / or adhesive tools to break up adhesions and bring blood to the muscles.

2. Opening: Part of the exercise that burns the vestibular system. These drills are very good at directing motors and connecting.

  • Crocodile breathing x10 breathing
  • Perform a crawl X-lift with a ball behind your back

3. Development: During this exercise period, you will create a “core-focus” drill that promotes short-term and short-term exercise. Your maximum temperature will rise and you will be ready to build skills.

  • Grower hold with DB, plate, or KB 3x: 10
  • Fixed plate around x10 on each side,: 02 hold

4. Creating Skills: This is a power training session for this section. It is called building skills because the emphasis is on the quality of the reps, not the quantity. There are usually two teams of three games. Do each group of three as a circuit, one after the other. Turn in the amount of sets you are told, then move on to the second group of three exercises before moving on to the next exercise section.

Monday: 2X15 each repetition

Friday: 3X10 repeat each

  • Pushup
  • Change of KB
  • 1/2 knee flexion with dowel x10
  • KB goblet squat (level 1)
  • DB line
  • Side winds blowing on the side of the foam roller

5. Metabolic Changes: Here you are developing an anaerobic exercise by doing a strenuous activity for about five minutes. The whole time is maintained for up to five minutes, and working out and breathing becomes more difficult as your body grows.

Monday: squats speed, 6 round operation: 15, breathing: 30

Wednesday:18-23 minutes walking / running at a rate of 6/10

Friday: running squats, 7 round exercises: 15, breathing: 30

6. Cooling: During cooling, you will do drills similar to the “Activation” section, except this will work as a whole body repair. Combined piercing helps to slow down the heartbeat and restore blood pressure after a very strong finish.

  • Cross creeping x10
  • Segmental x3 scrolls
  • Shake x10
  • Ash foam if necessary

Feel free to combine any other stretches and / or foam rolls that you feel are necessary after completing this session. Make sure you eat a high-protein diet / shake within 30-60 minutes to reduce recovery.

If you would like to participate in this program, make a point to keep going with it all, without mixing and comparing exercises from other training programs. Use the following tool provided. It will be very helpful to monitor your progress.

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