New Healthy Features Available at Trader Joe’s (Fall 2021)

HOLY JOY = Trader Joe’s in the Fall. You will find me and fill my cart with the best varieties of pumpkins, black flowers, pumpkin flowers, pumpkin puree, pumpkin spices .. .. did I mention the whole pumpkin ?? Mmmm, yes please.

That’s all for me- and I know I’m not alone. That’s why every fall I make a list of routines- my own new healthy lovers my dear from Trader Joe’s which I am preparing for our kitchen + pantry this season.

It’s becoming a small annual event, which I love so much (and I hope you too)! You can see my circles from 2017 what, 2018 what & 2019 what for more Trader Joe sales, if you want it! (We skipped 2020 because, well… 2020 had a lot of other things going on. ?)

Because just as these women love to use local restaurants in farmers’ markets or to carry good food from a specialty grocer, there is something strange about Trader Joe’s. I know it isn’t very much The method is stable externally, but is reliable and consists of unhealthy, nutritious foods and other nutritious foods.

And that’s something I end up behind. I also love that there are TJs in every beautiful city – so you can find healthy things that you know you love even while traveling.

But, a quick reminder: just because something is “organic” or has a veggie on the label doesn’t mean it is healthy. I always look for packaging regardless of what I buy to make sure things are made with real, all the ingredients I can name (aka, they’re not full of chemicals).

What we eat is what we are made of – in fact, we are what we eat, to the cell level. The food we choose affects our body, our muscles, our cell structure, our toilet, everything…. so let’s make sure we burn it with the TRUE stuff. From the earth. Designed for a purpose.

Best 25+ Findings at Trader Joe’s

This is the whole list – and I asked to save you a little while. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that I can use, as well as new ones. So check it out and enjoy your Trader Joe run with this, healthy, SRH-approved!

(Pro-tip: print out this list and go with it for easy writing, which has already happened when you meet TJ!)

  1. Almonds– one shelf contains amazing ingredients!
  2. TJ’s whole milk cottage cheese– great for baby / baby snacks, too.
  3. Kerrygold batala- you don’t stay until you try Irish-fed butter. That’s the only brand we buy!
  4. All their yields– The TJs really promoted the games in their productions and I have them! Kabocha squash is a favorite fall- I use it to make this sauce.
  5. Organic poultry & wild fish– simple + cheap protein supplement. Yesssss.
  6. A mixture of falafel I’m not a big “boxer” mix buyer…. but these are amazingly good and are made with white ingredients!
  7. Almond flour– what to cook GF! Muffins, baby cakes, you name.
  8. GF praline granola basically, each of their GF granola. It is a non-additive sugar and has a very good crunch.
  9. Olive oil– obvious.
  10. Cooperation & Healthade kombucha– very good business, imho. Honestly you can’t go wrong with any taste, and sooo good on the gut.
  11. Dark chocolate covered with salted almonds– Do your best and add them soon to the car when you are at TJ’s.
  12. Cauliflower reduces the crunch of mini-pizza a few pizzas ?! Very interesting.
  13. Dry cauliflower pot You can make your own pizza cauli (and I do sometimes) but this is good for a quick choice.
  14. Purple rice & fusilli pasta– I like this because of the excellent GF pasta method.
  15. Crinkle cut butternut squash– this is easy and fun! Use them in soups, instead of pasta noodles or as a simple dish with oil and s + p.
  16. Chef – I don’t care about cooking stew (esp. In instantpot, very quickly!) But this is a great option if you don’t have time!
  17. Beets deny- so yummy in a great salad!
  18. Organic dried mangos– sufficient development (or on a journey).
  19. Dried fried almonds with salt– mmmm, dear here.
  20. Black pus, raw pecans, pistachios– very good…. each of their raw nuts is amazing.
  21. Dried (unpleasant) fruit – I love the many options they have! Very interesting to try different.
  22. Jicama the right– These are the best GF ways to enhance your dinner.
  23. Anything except bagel spice you don’t stay * until you try the spicy EBTB. Throw in roasted vegetables, salmon or avoid a good drink yeast!
  24. Broccoli amaluma- these are lonngggg been food for us.
  25. Pumpkin seeds (in the Fall only) – I reserve, like, five bags of these in the Fall.
  26. Herbal tea of ​​orange rooibos– one of the best and most fun of tea! Very bright and refreshing.
  27. Pumpkin Spice- this combination is the best spice for fall cooking! I always hold a few bottles.

Are you looking for more ways to add ?!

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