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It’s FALL, y’all. Which means the weather is good. Sign in: All pitch lampshades everywhere in the house, my favorite songs on Spotify for review (listen HERE))

Mmmm, how this woman loves sunlight, there ‘Another special and comforting feature of the fall season. I like to stock up on handy and nutritious snacks that support my family and fit the weather. Aka, we are a bunch of pumpkin, apple, nuts, cinnamon, dark chocolate…. really all seasonal & yummy taste of Fall!

Whether your kids are back in school or back in the office – you need simple food choices (and eating when you go somewhere else) in real life. This is healthy and delicious. And it makes you feel unsatisfied, satisfied and ready to take the day off, wherever it may make you!

If you’ve been here for a while, you know where I’m going to find snacks and reclaim modern food and Good Market. This doesn’t help at all but I want to share it because as a busy woman for the past two years, I don’t have as much time to sell groceries as I used to – go to various stores to find my favorite items.

Well it’s a way to get shelf-based items delivered to your home at a low price, and I love that they make real, clean food (and have tons of free stuff)! It’s one of the few things in your family, so you can use your precious time to do important things for the people you love.

My nutritious foods that I love to fall for

Here are some of my favorite fallout treats that I keep for this season!

  • Better Coconut Chips or Dang Coconut Chips– all of these are good burnt foods if you would like if you like salty spices (but not too sweet or salty TOO…. Enough)!
  • The Crackers of Mary Apita– this is my number 1 no matter what the weather, tbh. If you don’t have a gluten (or even if you don’t!) And you’re looking for the only way out, here it is.
  • Less Bad Popcorn– what is it about this popcorn that makes it so good ?? If you haven’t tried, I encourage you to add this person to your cart soon.
  • Easy Crackers– another way to destroy GF we can’t find enough here. Top with spices, cooked meat or cheese to sell enough food at home.
  • Grows Pumpkin Seeds– does not fall if we do not eat the barns, imho. These are also great salad toppers, smoothie dishes and sauces- or on their own!
  • Cinnamon mixed seeds– these are a combination of shoots and sunflower seeds, a little spice and a lot of coconut sugar, vanilla and cinnamon. VERY GOOD.
  • Skinny dip in dark chocolate almonds– mmm, dark chocolate + salt + almond salt? A nice little bite after lunch.
  • Only Elizabeth Apple Walnut Granola– this is a regular & permanent granola variety that I love, and well – the apple pie type is NOT disappointing. Very good fall.
  • Orthopedic Market– everyone else sip on a bone broth like sweet tea, or me ??? Honestly, I do. Bone broth has many health benefits for your body, skin, bones and much more, and is best with lemon zest and a little cayenne.
  • Hu Kitchen Organic Chocolate– I really like the brand. It’s the white, sweet chocolate that is so intense and the one I have when standing up, you know. If it happens suddenly. ?

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