What if TV Growth Is More?

In his new book Media Dangers: Why We Should Not Be Afraid of Facebook and the Future, Robby Soave asks the wisdom of what is said to be a radio signal represents an unprecedented threat to the lives of young Americans.

“I think there’s been a lot of panic in the movies that can’t be compared to what’s been ruined,” Soave said in Section 488 of Geek design in Galaxy Podcast. “Many of these are exaggerations; much increases. ”

He also said that the current interest in television is a reminder of how politicians talk about video games such as Destruction and Mortal Kombat back in the ’90s. “Everything that was said about the video 20 years ago has not happened – it does not encourage violence, it does not turn boys into school shooters,” he said. “And I wonder if 10 or 20 years from now we will look at such immorality again.”

Much has been made as a result of the power of Facebook and Google’s development plans, which Soave is said to recall in the past the horrible horrors of small-scale advertising. “I like that when I’m on Facebook, I get it [ads for] Long & Dragon business instead of car sales, ”he says. “When I watch TV, I advertise the car. I am not buying a car. Not important to me. I wish I could pass quickly. On Facebook I see things that I might like. That’s a good thing. ”

The tech industry is on fire everywhere, with everyone from Donald Trump and Senator Josh Hawley to President Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren demanding new legislation. Soave says it would be a big mistake to allow politicians to have more power over American manufacturing companies. “Maybe for a lot of people, they go, ‘Well, if everyone in the government wants this, it means it’s right,’ while I do the opposite – if everyone wants this, it’s bad,” he says.

Listen to the full interview with Robby Soave in Section 488 of Geek design in Galaxy (above). And see some of the highlights from the discussion below.

Robby Soave pa Long & Dragon:

“Right now I am [dungeon mastering] two teams, and I’m playing in one division, though that one came to an end and I think they took my form into another team. As a result there is a lot between different countries and characters. It’s a lot of fun… Because I write a libertarian magazine, my first group I really like. The other group moves a little to the right. The biggest difference I’ve noticed is that a group that goes to the right tends to hit and kill whatever they can find, and kills the people I meet, while the rights activists want to speak out – or exchange things — from any situation. They refrain from fighting in any way. ”

Robby Soave on cultural prohibition:

“I have written a lot about what people call ‘abandonment,’ of people who criticize or criticize them for writing something or doing something that may not have been heard or disgusting in some way, but did not kill anyone — it should not be the end of their life. for those who are progressing, who often believe in restorative justice, which I agree with – the idea that prisoners who are in prison should live a good life, should get a job, and should not ask about their imprisonment – you can be forgiven. Which I totally agree with, but then someone who has said something maybe a racist is 15 years old, and you got the tweet, he should no longer be hired? This does not make sense. ”

Robby Soave on television:

“The worst thing that can happen to a book is that it contains the news and New York Times especially… You can go back in time, and anything that has been made, especially in a network of places, you can find them scared … But it makes sense in the opinion of a company, because most of these technologies have realized New York Times, and newspapers, as a competitor. ”

Robby Soave at Silicon Valley:

“Silicon Valley culture has come to hate innovation, and it has forced people to leave [California]. My point in bringing this was, let’s not repeat this all over the world. The anti-professional opinion from everyone in Congress is enough. He’s involved in media like Big Tobacco right now — we’ve heard this over and over again. But Big Tobacco has killed millions of people, and even the biggest crimes on Instagram, no one thinks it has killed hundreds of people. The reason I am is meaningless comparisons. Such anti-professional sentiments by lawmakers and legislators do not help our country well, do not serve our people, and do not support innovation. ”

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