Wall Street sales hit Asian currencies

A Wall Street sculpture led by a loss to Big Tech companies spread to Asia on Tuesday morning, dragging Hong Kong’s technology to the lowest level in six weeks and making money across the region.

Night in the US, S&P falls 1.3% until the lowest price since the end of July, it was pulled by some of the largest hardware manufacturers including Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. Facebook was one of the worst offenders on the list, down 4.9% as its main activity persecution.

The Hong Kong Hong Kong brand fell nearly 1.5% in early sales Tuesday before finding a new daytime stall. The Hang Seng Tech brand, which follows the city’s highest-performing groups, has dropped by 2.5% to the lowest from August 20, after a minimum of 10 months.

The collapse of the US currency, including China’s economic crisis Evergrande after he repaid a loan stopped trading in its shares on Monday, pushed the Asian currency to the lowest in recent months.

Japan’s Topix lost about 2.3% in sales the following morning Selection of Fumio Kishida as prime minister Monday. The South Korean index fell 2.6% at the end of last Friday, showing the index to the lowest level since March.

The Australian S&P / ASX 200 was up 1%, overcoming the problems that had occurred in the previous two quarters.

Doubts about professional stocks have mounted in US financial markets in recent weeks in anticipation of a Federal Reserve launch. going backwards its promotional agents. Nasdaq Composite heavyweight fell 7.5% from record last month after falling 2.1% on Monday.

Facebook shares have been hit hard as marketers expect the evidence of a trumpet player at a Senate meeting on Tuesday that said the media company had reduced the amount of fraud and psychological malpractice on the platform.

Oil prices skyrocketed in Asia as trade hit seven years to climb On Monday against Opec and its allies to increase interest rates despite a reduction in global power. Brent, the global benchmark, and West Texas Intermediate, the U.S. oil giant, rose slightly while the uncertain future in Tokyo rose 2% to three years.

The market in northern China was closed for a week off.

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