Pawan Kalyan’s birthday: The mighty star with his inspiring images by the Chiranjeevi and Naga Babu brothers

Power star Pawan Kalyan is set to change this year, September 2 and fans are giving him birthday wishes on movie. Fans can’t be patient and are celebrating actors ’birthday as a party. One of the most beloved and beloved people in the South Indian film industry, Pawan Kalyan has always been able to attract attention with his power on the screen and on the screen. His special relationship with the brothers Chiranjeevi and Naga Babu are also the ones who have been in discussions.

He says having a brother is a blessing and these mega brothers have been doing the same and setting big goals for the brothers. They have been in the midst of trouble and weakness, both in their careers and in their lives. Pawan Kalyan, actor and politician is a powerful pillar for his brothers and these encouraging pictures are proof. Today, on his birthday, this is a form of communication with the brethren that has always been mentioned in the town.

The photo was shared with Chiranjeevi during the closing session. In the photo, Megastar wrote, “Before the closing ceremony. The need to meet loved ones. I hope many of you are sharing this feeling. We hope these times will be back for all of us .. soon!”

Born like Konidela Kalyan Babu, Pawan Kalyan and his Chiranjeevi brother and Nagendra Babu.

Here is the best moment for Pawan Kalyan and his brothers and sisters. Also pictured with their mother Anjali Devi.

Look at their childhood picture and it is very interesting.

Unlimited family love!

Ranjeevi reiterates this by Brother Pawan Kalyan.

This is a recent photo of Bheemla Nayak player, Naga Babu Konidela and Chiranjeevi posing for a blockbuster photo at the Raksha Bandhan ceremony. Viewed by Ram Charan, Varun tej and their mega brothers.

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