Genshin Impact release unveils Traveler’s new Cake; Players to get their second birthday

Traveler’s Birthday has always been a major factor in Genshin Impact, and the loss now marks the upcoming prize on their second sporting birthday.

At Genshin Impact, players receive a Cake for Traveler on the protagonist’s birthday. The same gift is given each year on Traveler’s birthday, but with a new design.

As a result of the exit, players can expect their second birthday reward to look different from the first. Upcoming machines were released, and players can now access the output to see what it looks like.

The Second Tourist Cake unveiled by a Genshin Impact leaker

Since Genshin Impact was just one year away, no one has seen Traveler’s second Cake so far. Fortunately, players who are curious about their second birthday gift can see the effects of the cake.

Some players have noticed that Traveler’s second cake looks like Liyue-themed. If the design is to match the Geo brand, then future cookies can be made based on the spirit of Inazuma, Sumeru, and other countries.

The common denominator is that the loaves were made as if they had been made by someone else. In fact, many think that Zhongli was the great anointing of the Second Walker’s Cake.

It is impossible for players to find the answer to why the second cake was made the way it was. Regardless, this recent loss makes it possible for players to receive a different cake each year on their birthday.

What does a travel cake do to Genshin Impact?

Genshin results players can set a Traveler’s birthday any day of the year, and Cake for Traveler will be available in the mailbox on the same day.

The use of a travel cake provides one Fragile Resin as well as a reminder cake that commemorates the occasion. Of course, the rewards can be a little overwhelming, especially for players who were optimistic. However, the free 60 resin was very effective in completing additional showers, flowers or boss fights.

While Traveler’s second cake may look different from the first, it can do the same. To be sure, players simply wait for their second birthday at Genshin Impact and enter to receive the prize.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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