Former CIA Director Says It’s A ‘Good Idea’ To Send Unvaccinated Trump Supporters To Afghanistan

Former NSA and CIA spokesman Michael Hayden wrote in a tweet that it would be “a good idea” to send anonymous Trump aides to Afghanistan.

Hayden did comments in response to a random Twitter user with only 15 followers who said, “Can we send a MAGA dressed illegally to Afghanistan, wouldn’t it help to get the plane back empty?”

The former CIA chief responded to the question by adding, “Good idea.”

Hayden led the NSA under President Bill Clinton, and the CIA under President George W. Bush.

The exchange came shortly after Newsmax correspondent Steve Cortes asked his fans if they would like a plane full of unborn Afghan refugees arriving in their town.

“You’re a bet,” replied Hayden.

Kabul’s flight has become a nightmare as President Biden disrupts the departure of US troops, allowing the Taliban to seize Afghanistan in a few days.

The plane has become a page of several deaths.

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Michael Hayden Says MaGA Supporters In Afghanistan

Michael Hayden was already on fire for another message shared it on Twitter last week, comparing Trump and Taliban allies in Afghanistan.

Hayden, the fourth senior U.S. Air Force retired officer, shared a photo showing Islamist terrorists firing guns and flags at the top and vehicles mounting American flags and Trump 2020 flags below.

The top picture is, “Taliban Awo,” while the bottom one says, “Our Taliban.”

Tucker Carlson anchored Fox News said Hayden for his contempt for the American people who support the former President, I point out on the titter that it would be a “good idea” to send them to Afghanistan.

“This is how they view you,” Carlson explained.

“Shut up and get another cup of Riesling, serf,” he said sarcastically like Hayden. “And make sure you don’t rest on me, otherwise you’ll be released.”

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Hayden Is Shame

Aside from suggesting Republican voters to be sent to Afghanistan, former CIA director Michael Hayden’s Twitter feed of late looks more like a job seeker at CNN than any more respectable person.

In a tweet last week he mocked Americans who chose not to be vaccinated by sharing a tweet that captured the video ‘The Sixth Sense.’

That same week, Hayden responded to Trump’s false accusations that civilians should be evacuated from Afghanistan before military strikes take place.

A former Director of the CIA under the leadership of President George W. Bush and Barack Obama issued the following statement: “True. It’s a donkey. Clean and simple.”

In 2018, Hayden the same The border policies under Trump-led access to Nazi concentration camps.

“I know we are not in Nazi Germany, all right. But there are exceptions to that, “he told CNN.” We have standards to follow. “

The former CIA leader in the United States is just an AOC member. Consider this.

Bloomberg News in 2014 discussed whether or not Hayden is “the biggest liar in the country” or “an undisputed patriot” and said he probably lied to Congress during his 2007 testimony about a CIA-sponsored program.

Hayden is also a strong defender of the NSA spy programs, which was miraculously revealed by Edward Snowden during the Obama administration.

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