BOOM – “I Think Probably My Easiest Fight Would be Joe Biden”

President Trump was interviewed last week by militants on Saturday night and asked who would fight him if he could fight someone. The president did not want to fight one of the boxers but knew who could take it for three seconds.

President Trump was asked if he had to fight with someone, who he might be and what the war would look like. This question came from a celebrity announcer in Florida and the legends of beating Saturday night.

President Trump responded – who could it be and what it would look like:

If I could choose someone in the world, not a boxer, because I would give him a chance to be a boxer. Thank you for your scary story. But if you did, I would probably hit someone. (‘Everyone’ says the announcer.) I think maybe my easiest fight is with Joe Biden. Because she has lost him so much, so fast.

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Oh, I want to take him behind the bar, oh and he might be in big trouble. I think Biden was able to come down within the first few seconds.

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