These Parents Built The School App. Then the city called the police

As the controversy raged, Öppna Skolplattformen continued to gain popularity — including the number of people involved in its development. Cofounders Landgren and Öbrink say that more than 40 people have worked on the project. This group of volunteers has identified and cracked down on, conducted research, and translated the program into many languages. He also raised concerns about security with the legal system, although the city struggled. The group includes architects, lawyers, and builders. “As secret citizens, we are very flexible,” says Landgren.

As Sweden’s rise to prominence – Spotify, Klarna, and King were all established there – its public expertise has struggled to continue. The most recent OECD report on digital government transformation, from 2019, placing Sweden in the bottom of the 33 countries that were enlightened. “When we use these legal tools, it’s only in the 90s,” says Landgren. “In order to bridge this gap, we, and many of the people who have connected with us, think that open source is the best way to start working together.” He says citizen development can be more effective than costly and often disrupts state-owned IT projects that take years to complete and become obsolete by the time they are completed.

“It clearly shows some of the ways in which digital transformation in Sweden has been disrupted,” said Mattias Rubenson, secretary of the Swedish branch of the Pirate Party, which has described the challenges it faces. Tower school. “Generally, there is a possibility that the school platform will be better. But you need to involve students, especially teachers, in growing up from the start. There has never been any of this in the School Platform.”

Öppna Skolplattformen waited several months for removal. “We do not believe that any terrorist activity has taken place,” Åsa Sköldberg, head of preliminary police investigations, said. Today’s News on August 16. Data regulator Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten did not open an investigation into the city’s complaints, the spokesman said.

The police report, distributed by WIRED and Landgren, describes the security of Certezza, which was issued by the city and completed on February 17, 2021. It will not be a danger to users. The police report continued with the removal of the manufacturers Öppna Skolplattformen. “All the information that Öppna Skolplattformen used was public information that Stockholm City deliberately shared,” it said.

Landgren was on a journey at his brother’s wedding in France in early September when he received a phone call. The city is changing its position on Öppna Skolplattformen — and any other programs that want to do the same — and decided to allow others to access the content of its systems. To achieve this, the city has entered into an agreement with an external agent who will be able to establish permits between Öppna Skolplattformen and the city.

“With this answer, the City of Stockholm can ensure that personal data is well managed and secure, while parents are able to participate in modern market tools in their daily lives,” said Isabel Smedberg-Palmqvist, a city counselor in Stockholm. words was released on September 9. The move was to confirm the efforts of Öppna Skolplattformen-group estimates that hundreds of hours were put into the program. But the singing came back to Landgren’s surprise. A few days earlier, it is reported, Öppna Skolplattformen also faced attempts to block access to valid APIs. After the announcement, the attempts were unsuccessful.

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