The 23 Best Nintendo Switch Tools (2021): Docks, Case, Headsets, and More

Nintendo Switch and the kind of comfort that, when held in your arms, becomes your best friend. Unlike at home PS5 and Xbox Series X, are easy to carry, personal, and full of amazing things like the latest Metroid Dread. Because you can play the switch at home or on the road, there are many extras you won’t need to console. from batteries to keep playing, extra storage or protective wallet.

New Switch OLED and a better change than the original. The devices on this list are required to work with OLED format unless otherwise specified or purchase links, though we have not tested them all thereon. Some are also relevant to Nintendo Edit Lite, his only brother Switch who can’t stand up on TV.

If you are still buying Switch, check out our review of good Change actions. Looking for a new game? Ours the best game guide for the switch can help, with our reading Change tips and tricks to get the most out of your plan.

Updated November 2021: We’ve added the Edit OLED bridges as needed and changed the theme options to reflect the new Bluetooth switch for the switch. Jess Gray and Jeffrey Van Camp also contributed to the project.

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