Review of Kindle Paperwhite (2021): Bright Lights, Better Battery

Kindles are very good small arms, but I struggled with them until recently. “How can you leave out real books?” I screamed for nothing. Then I tried Oasis, and all of a sudden I was caught. After reading it is new Paperwhite Signature Edition, I can confirm with certainty that the latest Amazon updates for their beloved readers are still good.

Nothing can compare to the feeling of turning physical pages, but I have spent a lot of money on books. Not all were good. They live, read halfway, collect dust on the bookshelf and are moved from house to house. It is best to spend less money on an ebook or search them for free at the library do not leave my house.

The Paperwhite has always been a lifeline Kindle family– better than the original Kindle, but not full and cheap Oasis. With its first change since 2018, it has changed into three of its variants: standard Paperwhite ($ 140), and Siginecha Edition ($ 190), and a type of children ($ 160). I tried the Signature Edition here, but I also included more details about how all three are similar. Prices vary depending on whether you have ads or not, so read the Amazon page carefully before looking.

Blinding light

Photo: Amazon

The cover on the 2021 Paperwhite is larger, at 6.8 inches over 2018 2018 inches. The bezels are also smaller, less than half an inch from the top and sides. The cover has a lot more space, and the whole thing looks a lot more complex. Compared to Oasis, Paperwhite is longer, and because it has no page rotation buttons, it is not much longer, so it is easier to use it with one hand reading. The matte finish helps prevent slipperiness, too. (The Oasis still has a larger, 7-inch screen.)

All three of the new Paperwhites get a flexible heat switch – they get it super orange on its brightest and brightest appearance (10 percent brighter, according to Amazon). Unfortunately, the e-ink displays do not damage your eyes the way the blue light from your phone does. Side by side, it didn’t shine like an Oasis, but it was easy to read, even outdoors. It also has a black form, if you will.

It is the only Signature that can change the brightness of the movement around you, so you can read outside without looking at it whenever the sun rises behind the clouds. In the meantime, only updates should come automatically on all images without paying much.

Paperwhites turn pages quickly, which is transparent and appreciated. There are also animation animations that you can turn on that offer a bit of a real page conversion. I thought I hated it, but I didn’t. However, there is an annoying delay and the window flashes when you look at the menu. There is also a delay between pressing a button and registering. I was hoping so far that this kind of delay would not go away, but it is not a distraction. I just hope it will be answered in future updates.

Power Up

Photo: Amazon

The main advantages that Paperwhite finds are in terms of strength. Siginecha Edition now has wireless charging capabilities. If you have a Qi charging pad, it should work, but Amazon mentions this that they do not. It also has more storage than the original model, with 32 gigabytes instead of 8 gigabytes. That’s a big jump, especially if you’re reading audiobooks. It is worth noting, however, that you can delete books on Kindle and still find them in your Amazon account.

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