Respect Can Be Free To Huawei As They Say

Respect is well known for what companies are looking for. At the inauguration of the Honor 50, its new smartphone (redesigned Huawei Nova 9 with a slightly different camera), confirmed that it had secured more than 1,100 long-term deals with its partners and retailers. his new phone, while pushing home a special Honor tweaks made for the camera.

However, with Huawei Nova 9 and Honor 5 ahead of us, it is clear that Honor has not been able to differentiate the program in its time to establish a global presence. Huawei’s main apps (email, browser, etc.) are similar on both phones, even showing the same images that lead you to use it for the first time.

The Honor 50’s camera is much worse than the Nova 9. This may be subject to a variety of sensors used on both phones and may also indicate that Honor has no access to the Huawei’s IP-enabled IP.

Worst of all, the “Honor-engineered” feature of the “Honor-engineered” phone, Multi-channel Video Architecture, which allows two cameras to be fed into shared video, is similar to Nova 9’s Vlog mode. Yes, there is a slightly different UI, but the options are the same: front / back, back / back, and video animation.

In China, the Honor 50 was established before Nova 9, which is why, technically, Honor arrived first. But whipping barrels and multicolored cameras within the races shows the respectful struggle he is facing to divide his country after Huawei.

The problem was inevitable. Respect should restructure all his contributions. It cannot close a shop, and why? As the 3rd largest phone manufacturer in China, it has customers available to use and sell.

Therefore, as the company moves into a critical crisis, the question remains: Is there any hope for the Honor nation outside of China? Early symptoms vary. On the one hand, Honor is taking action, revealing that a upgrade to MagicUI, similar to Huawei’s EMUI, is in the works. This week it also announced the launch of its manufacturing company to manufacture its own products. On the other hand, we have not yet seen the manufactured device completely and Honor, so the next few phones set up will reveal more than the Honor 50 does.

The biggest stresses go down to R&D and production. An employee of the company tells WIRED “one of the reasons OnePlus and Realme shared a lot of design and / or OPPO washing technology was because OnePlus had to use OPPO lines in production, and the machines used there are very expensive.”

Of course, the many advantages of the Honor 50 are its Huawei design: its design, fast speed, and excellent display. We don’t know what Honor phones make, or what kind of Honor is.

Meet the Herculean mission to protect its customers; describing its new brand, without Huawei; fostering relationships; making history; closing IP holes; and oversight of the distribution, citing only a few requirements — all in companies that are experiencing a shortage of components — major components. CounterPoint investigation VP Neil Shah puts it bluntly: “[Honor] did well in China. But considering this victory will be a race, not a run. ”

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