Randonauting Promised Adventure. It led to the Dumpsters

I face the same problem when I turn on the app in search of meaning. Maybe I tried to briefly explain (the car left the tuna fish as it went … Douglas Adams wrote “too long, and thank you for all the fish” The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, who also knew that the purpose of life was 42), but I eventually closed the program in frustration. What are the realities of random lending, and how do social media hide it? Is the “WOW factor” the point, or is there more to the program than just its risk issues? Is it possible to find anything?

Darius Nitisor, a 21-year-old Amazon based Londoner, has used Randonautica “probably a few hundred times” since he saw the suitcase case on TikTok and downloaded the app. On his first voyage, Nitisor established his mission as a “calming thing.” He was led to a park about 45 minutes from his home and on his way back he met an old friend. Many actors report that they have encountered a “long-lost friend,” while a person who has not seen him for a while stands in the exact spot where the program was created.

But many of Nitisor’s unrelenting visits have been disappointing, which has not made any difference to its purpose. He said: “I was hearing all these stories, but I did not find anything definite. “Nine out of 10 times, nothing happens.” Twice, he set his goal of “ball” and was brought to the gym, but Nitisor wonders if it was just a coincidence, especially with all the other duds. Gradually he stopped using the software.

“There is no way to get anything; there is something else in it, “said Randonautica co-founder Auburn Salcedo. your mind. If all of this sounds like woo-woo – and so on. Randonautica’s goals are surprisingly unpredictable, if they are well-intentioned. randomly. “

Seeing the world around you, Salcedo says, “it can take you out of your normal life” and help you feel happier. “Casualism can be very liberal. It gives you a feeling of this kind of endorphin, “he says.

He says: “We began to experience a lot of things that I considered a runner. Lengfelder argues that TikTokers uses search algorithms that are popular with the algorithm to generate clicks, citing examples: “the warning, the dangerous, the dangerous, the terrifying Randonautica.” Plus, most of these things are fake. TikTok’s second best-selling video featuring #Randonautica is a horror movie “in the middle of nowhere.” The video ends with a scary photo that runs through the camera.

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