Of All Video Games, Why Not ‘SSX?’

The game plays like Arcade had the following results in the early and mid-2000s Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater to many repetitions of FIFA and NFL titles, the game had lasting effects on players, with many continuing to play new games or see their favorite remake or remasters. One such list was SSX, a popular snowboarding game released more than 20 years ago.

SSX was the first installment from EA Sports Big, an add-on-time-extension on the EA launch umbrella. The game was much appreciated in all its aspects board and received several awards, including 2001 Console Game of the Year from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.

The Franchise has seen a number of successes, and a full relaunch of the list was released in 2012 to make it even better. comments (although fans seem to have had different systems). But since then, there has been little talk SSX. Some popular PlayStation 2 games have also received or recalled recent years, such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2, Black Machine, and several Grand Theft Auto game. But why not do so SSX?

Speaking to fans of the series, it is clear that there were some big things that attracted them to the game in the first place. Matt Paprocki, a freelance writer and playwright, shared his first impressions: “Immediately? It sounded new. Compared to Cool Boarders or 1080 Snowboarding, SSX he used light, color, and sound in a way that portrayed a different kind of weapon. This, and his performance were completely different from the games they imitate Tony Hawk. High quality design. “

And as every player can know, there is excitement and love for the game that can go on for years after the first release. For Flora Eloise, co-founder of the game page Epilogue Games, there is another desire covered SSX.

“Nostalgia? That’s the name of SSX game for me. I grew up in a low-income family, where I had the opportunity to get a game for my birthday or Christmas, so if the game had a hard time, it still stuck in my heart. SSX, however, is one of the rarest games since then that I could have kept them from relying on the machine and its design. It’s as fun to play now as it was then, and I can say it all has open or shut-down mirrors. ”

SSX they have a real basis in the memory of the players. Whether because of the beautiful graphics or the look of it on the running game, players are still ruining the PlayStation 2 to revisit the title. Paprocki says he goes back to all the basics SSX and as a result, SSX price, often. The disks fill up every time it allows. I say this: If I launch PS2 or Xbox, SSX no doubt by circling, as if it were not what I lit them first. ”

So with the good memories associated with the game, what do players think of the fantasy remake or future recollection? On both sides, the fans looked gorgeous. Chris Alaimo, who run the YouTube channel Classic Games Quarter, said, “It’s a thing to be ridiculed at all times SSX list in the long run. As much as I remember well playing the first game, I would love to see a recollection of modern comforts, but frankly, anything new on this list could be the day to buy it for me. “

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