My Recent Thrive Market HAUL (Fall 2021)

Guys you seem to like grocery shopping, and Thrive is ALWAYS our favorite in our house. In my recent Thrive Market program, I had to find regular household items, a few basic items and some random items.

It’s great to have it all in one box, and that you don’t have to go to three different stores (… or more) for cleaning, cooking, wine and cooking. No, it all comes straight to YOU ​​(now in regular bags!) And Thrive.

And I love that no matter what I get from them, I have peace of mind knowing that all these companies are tried and clean, so I feel free to try new products and products for sale. It’s a great way to get things done really clean, not just sold as “~ cLeAn ~.” (You know what I mean, don’t you ?!)

These items are a real treat, and often cheaper than what you can find in regular stores. And then FYI– I was not helped, just being a big fangirl of Thrive apparently. 🙂

Full disclosure, I filmed the rest of the summer and realized that I forgot to mention one of my favorite things that came with: NATURAL, crisp, dry rosé. I found half of Xavier Vignon’s cases, the best Cote du Rhone breed, to drink after the June baby arrives. Dry, light and firm (leaving the head from sugar / additives).

But honestly, you can’t go wrong with their wine…. Like all other Thrive weapons, they are considered to be safe and made using natural, durable materials!

Check out the full release of the video below, & you can save 25% on your first order when you register here!

My most recent draw from Thrive Market:

Check it all out here (3 min video) and see the list of things I have below!

  1. Save the taco spices– a definite requirement.
  2. If you care about large cups for cooking / muffins– I love this color!
  3. Dates at Joolies organic Medjool– to test a new type of date.
  4. GF Breaks Oat O’s– My favorite porridge, it contains garbanzo bean flour.
  5. Paper sandwiches sandwich bags– great for Noah’s little school lunches.
  6. Learn organic coconut milk– thanks to my favorite chia seed pudding at the end of my stomach (cocoa milk has no gum!).
  7. Coconut oil– good to have in cooking.
  8. SunButter organic sunflower butter– it’s harder to find sugar-free ones, and that’s about half the price of finding them in a store!
  9. Prepare packaging for dishes– I like it, and I just add a few more bags.
  10. Dr. Bonners soup– for baby showers I use foam, & we use peppermint for bathing.
  11. Better Life Without a Fragrance– was on sale and I need to refund since I moved, just trying a new brand!
  12. Learn to clean up after yourself– I have never tried this before but his comments were very good
  13. Seventh Generation easy to wash soap– something more! We use and love this.
  14. Everyone hands soap– the smell of spearmint and lemongrass is very good.
  15. Clear all targets– another thing I have to try.
  16. Xavier Vignon wines– the natural flowers I mentioned above! Love the cup of this toy for dinner.

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