Movies Must Stop Using Old Zapathos Violence

Last year Animals, Diana ran across No Man’s Land in Wonder Woman, twisting the bullets with his indestructible bracelets (in other words, no one bothered to shoot his bare thighs). This year, Disney’s Jungle Cruise introduced the magical healing petal film hero hoping to use it to help soldiers in the trenches in the first world war. .)

Historical or superstitious claims that they originated or prevented atrocities and violent games, which undoubtedly robs people of their independence and guilt (atomic bomb, after all, had an immortal, non-alien origin – who grief carries with it a historical conflict). What’s worse is the words that I can spell I often mistype. Researcher Kees Ribbens notes that when World War I broke out, the story was “vague and unattainable,” but at times it was too short.

“There may also be laziness in the makers,” says Ribbens, who teaches sociology and war studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam. “They know that all the wars of the world have often attracted the attention of modern people, because such wars are so unpredictable and they seem to be a symbol of right and wrong.”

Of course, exposing cultural violence can make people aware of the past, but it can also be a waste of time, says Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet, a professor of literature and culture at the University of Lausanne, who also works to illustrate war in the traditional culture. Because the films are commercial, Monnet argues, “The real purpose of their cruelty is to touch the nerves in a way that motivates people but does not actually interfere with them.”

In addition, the invention of fantasy or heroism may undermine human self-esteem, or, according to Ribbens, “if human beings cannot really tackle the evil that has been done by human hands.”

However, is this new? Superheroes and World War II have been involved. Ben Saunders, director of visual and graphic studies at the University of Oregon, estimates that the monthly sales of comic books are doubled between 1941 and 1944, with about half of American men enrolled reading about celebrities fighting Axis.Captain America even hit Hitler in the face in 1941). He asserted: “The fantasy world of the superheroes is the cause of much human misery and violence. “Thus, it was only a matter of fact during the war, when the need for a culture of the right message was at an all-time high.”

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