How to Use the new iCloud + Security Apps

Along with setting up on iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and MacOS Monterey, Apple has also released an item called iCloud + for anyone who pays for iCloud storage. It’s a package of great things that focuses on security and privacy.

If you do not pay for additional iCloud storage, over 5 GB each Apple user receives for free, prices start at 99 cents per month for 50 GB of space. You can also pay $ 2.99 per month up to 200 GB, or $ 9.99 per month to get 2 TB of space in the cloud.

Right now, you get four extras with iCloud +, though just a few more important details here. The other two are HomeKit Secure Video, which is captured on video cameras supported by HomeKit, and Custom Email Domain, which allows you to use the domain name you have with your iCloud email.

For more information on these services and how to switch to iCloud +, see the manager Apple support document.

ICloud Private Relay

Cloud Private Relay means secure and private browsing.

Photo: Apple via David Nield

ICloud Private Relay is a Safari component for Apple devices only, i.e. iPhones, iPads, and Macs. At the time of writing, it was still listed as a beta item, but if you pay monthly for iCloud storage, you can stop it.

The purpose of the iCloud Private Relay is to make it difficult for anyone to monitor your online activity, whether it’s Apple, the company that provides your internet, government, online advertisers, or the person sitting behind you. in a coffee shop. It is an additional security component that should be supported.

With iCloud Private Relay enabled, when traffic leaves your device, it passes through two different internet routes (or nodes on the internet). One is powered by Apple and the other by a third-party partner, so no one has the whole picture. It is not enough as a virtual private network (VPN), or mobile, but it is a good protection for ordinary users.

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