EA Sports Can Lose ‘FIFA,’ And It’s Not So Bad

FIFA, a computer game, is at war with FIFA, the football association. Electronic Arts expert is considering another $ 20 billion grant for the 28-year-old, after licensing issues came to a standstill on a seven-person fine.

The latest EA agreement to give FIFA a license is at the end of the 2022 World Cup next December, and the company has not yet reached a new agreement. Negotiations between the two sides have been going on for two years, reports and New York Times. The most sticky point is money: The Time Reports say FIFA wants to double its earnings from the EA, by more than $ 1 billion every four years of the World Cup. On top of that, FIFA wants it beat the “FIFA” brand more than the EA video game, following new alliances outside of its own alliance.

“Looking ahead, we are re-examining the idea of ​​reshaping our EA Sports World Cup,” said Cam Weber of EA Sports. he wrote after launching in October of FIFA 22. “This means that we are also reviewing our naming partnership with FIFA, which is unique in all our relationships with certificates around the world.”

Contemplation FIFA sans FIFA is a challenge. However, the partnership between EA and FIFA is one of the nearly 300 licenses that govern video games. As the governing body of international football, FIFA implements football regulations, facilitates the transfer of players, and, of course, runs the World Cup, for viewing. and billions. What FIFA does not direct is probably the most important thing for EA: many football clubs, players, and other players. In many cases, what EA receives from its FIFA license is a very, very important name.

“The fear we always had was the amount of money we pay FIFA for what you get,” says Peter Moore. During his 10 years at EA, first as EA Sports’s chief executive and then COO, Moore was present to discuss the deal with FIFA before leaving the company in 2017. He calls what is happening, especially with one year left on the license agreement, “unprecedented.”

What sports fans want from a game console is real, says Moore, who now works for Unity. FIFA 22 he also produced 17,000 players, 30 players, 700 teams, and over 90 stadiums with incredible fidelity. There is not much debt to FIFA. There is still a large part of the games that can be played through national teams, leagues, and clubs. In addition, says Moore, FIFA itself has had some serious conflicts in recent years: 2015. chicks scandal, claims of bribe. The cost of the FIFA brand is high, yes, but according to Moore, for many young people, “FIFA” is more known as a video game than an organization.

“Now is the time to say goodbye to FIFA,” Moore said. “If there was a time when EA had to leave, you leave now.” EA soon registered “EA Sports FC” as a brand in the UK and EU. Moore shows up taking half of the hundreds of millions that EA spends on a FIFA license to start making the game. “Obviously, for both parties, it may be time to consider doing something different,” says Moore.

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