11 Weighted Blankets (2021): Various Sizes, Weight, etc.

Touch, as time hugging, releases oxytocin into your brain. This hormone contributes to our overall health and fitness catch the stress. This is one of the reasons we embrace newborn babies. But we do not always have everyone who tries to pressure us. This is where the heavyweight fabric comes into play.

Heavy blankets apply high pressure to test the feeling of calm grip. The Hug Machine, for example, produced by Temple Grandin, used to force calming people with autism spectrum who do not like to touch the body from others. A heavy blanket does not cure anything, but it can make you feel better – there is not much scientific research on this, so you should discuss it with your doctor. My friend Jess Gray and I both suffer from depression, and these blankets have been helpful, helping us to alleviate our anxiety. Try a few; Here are the best.

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Updated November 2021: We’ve added a new budget blanket, a Gravity travel blanket, and two aromatherapy treatments from Yogibo.

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