With Subscriptions, Automaker Mimic Netflix’s Playbook

In 2021, debt Credit cards have monthly bills: Netflix movie, Spotify songs, XBox Game Pass on the game, Peloton exercise — and so on, with eating utensils, wine boxes, and high protein, low sugar. UBS financial services company to compare that the “registration economy,” driven by the epidemic as a result of changing consumer spending habits, will grow 18 percent annually over the next four years, hitting $ 1.5 trillion in 2025.

Now machine makers want to join the party.

The idea is simple: We are selling you a car with a dash cam, or one that can be operated hands-free, or one that can train you with telematics to become a better driver. But if you really want to use for each new toy, you have to pay extra. Debt Products and informing people that cars can be changed by software even if they are removed from the lottery.

General Motors told investors this month that subscription services could bring in an additional $ 20 billion up to $ 25 billion a year by 2030. The company says 4.2 million customers already pay for its OnStar security services, which includes a program that costs $ 15 a month. The introduction of electric cars Rivian says it will soon include a savings account that could bring an additional $ 15,500 to the life of any vehicle with software development features, including autonomous driving and infotainment registration, internet connectivity, and diagnostics. Bmw last summer he made noise – and emotion – and ideas for charging, through charging, for things like hot chairs. In the US, a machine maker registers notes on a dashboard with a remote drive.

Over the past few years, car manufacturers have embarked on a process of transformation into “a market that sells products to companies that sell jobs and other products,” says Brian Irwin, who oversees automotive and mobility services at Consultancy. Modern cars come with tiny chips for computers, cameras, and sensors – thus, an exciting opportunity to use the advanced knowledge to create and sell new products.

The industrial revolution can make the idea more appealing. “Users see the EV as a new technology that supports innovation,” said Alan Wexler, who oversees data communications and information services at General Motors. This means that they are willing to pay for it in a new way. Instead, car manufacturers would prefer you to start thinking of your wheels as a “platform,” a mobile device that would require the purchase of a small number of apps to better fit your life.

In 2019, BMW reverted its annual payroll plans to use Apple CarPlay, which is listed above.

Photo: BMW

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