Users can now leave a note on Apple’s First Group applications

Like most manufacturers, Apple often has its own software for its products, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer. Often these programs are useful and easy when they are enough to work, but not very good if you want more advanced features.

However, you can now tell Apple how you feel about their first-party apps because it looks like it’s iOS 15, Apple has supported the monitoring of users of their first-party apps. App reviews are not new and it is useful to know how the app works, but now it looks like users may have left their reviews of Apple apps.

We don’t know how Apple plans to monitor its apps, and whether they can handle complaints and complaints or not. Other than that, these are many programs so whether readers like them or not, some of them come pre-installed, which is why whether you like them or not, they exist until you decide to remove them.

Maybe this is Apple’s way of showing that they want more feedback from advanced users to help fix their party apps first, but in any case, if you’ve been looking for a way to let Apple know how good or bad their apps are. Here’s your chance.

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