USB-C 240W Cables With New Signals To Help You Find Them

Image of the article It It Can Be Hard to Find New USB-C 240W Downloadable Cables

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Even people were impressed with the power of USB-C products more than twice from 100 watts to 240 watts earlier this year, there was a big problem nearby: How can consumers know new USB-C cables other than the old ones?

Thursday, USB Honorablepars Conference, or USB-IF, useless behind USB protocol, tried to solve the cable problem by revealing a number of certificates that can be attached to USB-C cables and their CDs. New energy the logos, which you can see below, will be better identified while the USB-C cable supports 240W operation.

Image of the article It It Can Be Hard to Find New USB-C 240W Downloadable Cables

USB-IF has announced new 240W transmission limits in May. The move was welcomed, as it means USB Power Transmission can now charge all but the heaviest laptops, eliminating the need for an electronic adapter.

In addition, USB-IF also developed new USB4 power tags, which provide 40Gbps throughput via a USB-C connector, as well as USB4 and 240W integrated cable logos.

“Certified USB solutions ensure interoperability and backwards compatibility in the marketplace and USB-IF reminds consumers to purchase certified products from trusted sources that display USB-IF Certified Logos on packaging, product briefs, or the device, charger, and cable itself,” the nonprofit said in a issue.

Despite their good intentions, the new USB-IF logo does not eliminate all the inconveniences caused by the new USB-C 240W and USB4 cables, even though useful. As they say almost, billing and data transfer standards do not agree. This means you can get a 240W charger that transfers files slowly, or vice versa.

In addition, this move affects manufacturers responsible for including new logos on the ropes. Will they do this? I’m sure some have, but some may not, which can lead to less than one user wondering if they bought the wrong item when their devices don’t charge and their files don’t move as expected.

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