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Do you attend? longing for typewriter days? We do. We like the thing to use here, such as Love. It’s an e-reader, and that’s it. You can’t scroll through TikTok, check work Slack, or get pinged by chat notifications. This is why we love it More posts in 2016. With a typewriter, but unlike a real pen, you can take it to a coffee shop and put your pages in the Google doc later.

So we decided to give it a try Tourist, which is a slightly useful tool. Unlike the original Freewrite, this type relies on easy integration and comes with keys to correct your errors. It’s a place to write about it, with little or no focus on change. And its e-ink cover is fun to look at and doesn’t hurt your eyes.

Fellow author

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I dream of writing books in a town in New England (I am NOT I look to you, Provincetown, PA), and I can hear all the stories just going up and down inside of me. But when it’s time to post everything on the page, it’s easy to just look at Twitter instead. After a whole day working on my computer, the last thing I want to do is check my computer for a few hours at night. This little traveler made me put that bad word on the page. I didn’t finish the book, but with God, I started!

I have said above that free things are made to be written, not changed. It’s best to just let yourself write and edit afterwards. The older version achieved this with no key at all, which was deliberately designed not to rewrite or rewrite the paragraph, but Traveler released a bit from then on.

This time around, there but keys, but you must use the WASD keys, including the “new” keys and move them, to move the cursor through each type to get back. Go to the toggle button if you want to skip between all the words. This makes it possible, but easy, and purposeful.

A window size keeps you from writing. Typing on my desktop, I can see many of my previous paragraphs. It’s hard for me not to go back and change the way I work. Along the way, I see several lines of text at once. You can’t fix your future when you don’t see it. The traveler will no longer check your style, but you can do so the next time you submit your notes to a Google doc.

Photo: Astrohaus

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