This woman’s mental stability is disconnected from her when she sees that she is upset

Sarah, a 36-year-old woman living in California, had suffered from depression for five years. They feel like they want to commit suicide several times an hour and are unable to make decisions on basic questions such as food. There was nothing that he tried to cure, including an electric shock, which helped him.

Then, in June 2020, he was admitted to a skull that was paralyzing the brain that caused his illness. Good results, published in Natural Remedies today, promote the hope of help for people with dementia who do not respond to medication or medication.

“My depression hasn’t stopped, and this has allowed me to start rebuilding my life,” Sarah told a news conference. (Name has not been given.)

Installing the device involves a number of processes. First, a team from the University of California, San Francisco, used 10 electrodes to record Sarah’s brain activity. The session lasted 10 days, during which time the team found that most of the performance in one part of the Sarah amygdala predicted serious frustration. He also discovered that a small electrical shock in one area of ​​his brain, called the ventral striatum, contributes significantly to this. Next, he established a disruption The device is set to generate a small amount of electricity in the area when it detects a number of incidents related to stressors.

Sarah (pictured above) does not feel the effects of this explosion, which is exactly the same, as it goes up to 300 per day; each lasts six seconds. The device does not sleep at night because it makes me stronger and more alert, which can interfere with Sarah’s sleep.

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