The war of words is escalating in the wake of China’s biased views against the IMF leader

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The war of words on the front for the director general of the IMF Kristalina Georgieva it is set to be difficult in the next few days as the finance ministry meets to investigate allegations that it has exchanged China as before.

The remarks cover his time as World Bank chief, a position he left to take on a major role at the IMF in October 2019. reports He was sent by a banking committee found to have the problem of manipulating China’s amount in three businesses to raise the standard in 2018 of the Doing Business Report which is monitored annually.

Georgieva denied the allegations and denied any wrongdoing.

On Thursday, a group of 331 former World Bank employees wrote a letter to the bank’s bank explaining the “unprecedented risks” released by the report, the results of a WilmerHale law firm’s investigation.

“These findings should be monitored by management and the banking committee as a matter of urgency and urgency to restore public confidence that banking information and its consequences are politically neutral,” he wrote.

Otherwise, reliance on the work, practices, and principles of our organization will be lost. “

The signatories to the letter, which he saw with the Financial Times, include the former director general, two former director general and four former vice-president of the bank, and some former senior bank officials.

WilmerHale’s comments, he wrote, “are a form of fraud in the organization” and “represent a serious persecution of supervisors”.

Georgieva’s spokeswoman said: “Kristalina has made a difference in the world. She has done justice to the organizations she has served and she will not be disappointed by these lies.”

The IMF has stopped asking journalists questions about Georgieva’s time at the World Bank, sending them to the relations agency, SKDK, which he kept.

SKDK has shared a number of comments with the support of Georgiaieva in recent days, including two tweets of prominent women and international leaders, as well as the release of 16 African ministers on Saturday.

“The World Bank’s report on the 2018 Business Report is complex and needs to be investigated,” he wrote. “However, we also believe that this should be done in ways that do not undermine the IMF’s credibility and, above all, it should allow for fairness and justice.”

The ministers commended Georgieva for her “integrity, strength and progressive skills” and for helping to provide $ 30bn to the African economy in 2020 as an IMF loan.

Georgieva has denied the allegations in WilmerHale’s report, saying he did not really agree with his findings and their meaning and that it was “not true” that he had forced everyone to go and see Doing Business reports.

He did not comment further on the matter out of respect, he said, during an IMF review of the matter. The court is expected to ask lawyers in WilmerHale for a report on Monday and hear Georgieva’s case on Tuesday.

The issue comes at a crucial time in the IMF and World Bank, as they prepare for their annual general meeting which is set to begin on October 11.

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