The Use of Dark Drugs Leads to Arrests of 150

“Operation Dark HunTor was set up with one clear goal: to search for vendors, buyers, and sellers who hid in the area and to ensure they did not find a new platform,” deputy attorney general Lisa Monaco told a news conference. Tuesday.

Not all arrests appear to be following the direct or indirect repatriation of DarkMarket; court documents show that in most cases, the suspicious items provided the original information. And previous findings, such as those of Hansa and the Wall Street Market, may still pay dividends for researchers. This also means that Operation Dark HunTor is probably not the last word on dark online architecture and unauthorized market vendors may need to be a little more careful.

“Today I think some of them, maybe a little worried about who’s going to be on the list, next,” Europol Deputy President Jean-Philippe Lecouffe told a news conference Tuesday. “Some research is underway in some of the countries you see here because some people have been identified, and work is underway. Every time we arrest people, every time we search the house, we find new ways to search. “

When markets come out like grass — well known AlphaBay was recently resurrected by DeSnake, one of its first supervisors — insane or incarcerated vendors may be hard to find.

… and this beautiful car.

Courtesy of the FBI

“Markets are easily switched on because the only thing they need is another page to move,” says Christin. “On the other hand, big retailers are shipping goods and they need to have access to the surface, so it will take a long time to change … one market to another in a minute.

However, it is not known whether the 150-minute arrest would be enough to reduce the situation. As Monaco reported Tuesday, the black drug trade was already in the $ 1 billion business before the epidemic. Demand has not stopped, and retailers have tried, at least, to achieve it.

“If they build some of the most popular vendors, there could be consequences,” says Christin. “In time, I became more and more skeptical. In general, the whole universe has been shown to be capable of intervening because of the police. ”

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