The US is set to criticize China for failing to honor Trump’s signature on trade

Biden officials will criticize China on Monday for not agreeing to a trade agreement signed with the US in the last year of Trump’s administration, as they prepare for its initial talks with Beijing.

Officials in the United States say Katherine Tai, a US diplomat, has participated in the direct talks The Voice He, a Chinese counterpart, to discuss the “phase 1” agreement reached in January 2020 with others US business crisis.

One official said Tai would have been “outspoken” about issues that hurt U.S. workers and manufacturers as they spoke to Liu “in the coming days”.

Tai will explain the US approach to trade with China in speaking Monday morning in Washington. When President Joe Biden met with China on a number of issues, such as climate change and political oppression, he did little to trade.

U.S. officials say Tai says China should follow suit in 2020.

In a statement, Taiwan said China’s “non-compliance with international trade rules has hampered the development of the American people and others around the world.”

Tai will also say that the US “will be directly involved in China in its industrial activities”.

China has agreed to buy $ 200bn more goods and services in the US than it did in 2017 – before the trade war – for two years until the end of 2021. But according to Peterson Institute for Economics Worldwide, made up only 62 percent of expected sales at a lower price.

Biden officials have expressed frustration that their Chinese counterparts have not participated in the negotiations on non-selling ideas. But a second official said he hoped the trade talks would be more fruitful.

However, the first official warned that the US was “willing to take action” if talks with China do not bring tangible results. “It takes two to tango. We will see how China responds to what Ambassador Tai has to say tomorrow. We will change accordingly. We do not want to remove any decisions from the table or prepare ourselves to do what we want, ”he said.

He added that the US would reconsider exempt certain goods from taxes aligning trade principles with the priorities Biden has established to support American workers, as well as strategies to strengthen chain resilience. But he said the President has “continued to do things that work” in sectors such as agriculture that have benefited from the initial agreement.

Officials said Biden is not considering the future to address the construction challenges. “China is unlikely to change things in the meantime,” said the first official. “We will discuss the grievances, but we do not want to discuss the second phase.”

Biden has been criticized by a number of U.S. businesses for failing to question transparency, while others say his approach was no different from Trump’s.

In an interview with the Financial Times last week, Tai said the US had “deliberately” done “to turn the page untouched and take action”.

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