The purchase of the French chateau poses a challenge for the Czech Prime Minister

Even before Andrej Babis secretly bought French land not sold in great loss files from maritime organizations on Sunday, had met with a race to win a second term as Czech Prime Minister.

But the revelations that the billionaire, who made the empire from fertilizer to food before entering politics, sent $ 22m through international retailers to buy the site on the Riviera have given added assurance to this week’s elections.

Opposition leaders used the complaint to expose Babis, who was falsely accused of being a dictator during his time in office. hypocrisy and a conflict of interest, which he repeatedly denied, was fit to lead the country between Europe with 10.7m.

“Andrej Babis must prove that he spent tax money on this project,” said Petr Fiala, from the opposition coalition, Together. “If not, they have no right to take part in politics or to take care of taxpayers’ money.”

Babis denied on Twitter Sunday that he had done “anything illegal or wrong”. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture. In an interview on Czech television, he said the money for the property, known as the Château Bigaud, was taxed.

A poll on Sunday also revealed that Babis Ano came out as the main party in the by-elections, which will be held on Friday and Saturday, with 27% of the vote. However, in order to form a government, the Babis may need the support of a single group – something that was not clear even in the revelations yesterday before the 2009 chateau agreement.

“It looks like it’s going to be very difficult for Babis to have a government that works with the masses after the election. It looks like a hindrance,” said Milan Nic, a senior associate at the German Council on Foreign Relations.

“Because this issue came so close to the polls, it could have a different problem. But Babis has tried to use it to present himself as a victim. . . It is extremely painful for one part of the population, but on the other hand, it can be seen as an attack on Babis. ”

Babis entered politics in 2011 after changing his company of Agrofert to one of its Czech employers. He promised to use what he knew to run the country as a business. Sponsors say this is one of the reasons they support him.

“You hear from other parties that Babis is the worst man in the world. But if you look at 10 years and compare his work with the political rhetoric of the past, he is strong,” said Lukas, a businessman in Brno. and reduce VAT avoidance. He also said that the strong opposition of the epidemics was better than that of the critics.

For Babis’ opponents, his business has been very difficult. The wealthy woman trusted Agrofert’s wealth before he became Prime Minister. But in April an EU investigation found that it had violated anti-interest laws by continuing to engage with business, which had received EU assistance while on duty. In June, police have filed a lawsuit against him for allegedly misappropriating EU funds in a lawsuit that barred him from being a first.

Babis repeatedly denied all of these allegations as an attempt by his political opponents to mislead him.

While this did not end Babis voters, it has shortened politics. The parties put second and third votes on Sunday – Together, as well as the special agreement between the Pirate Party and the Mayor and the Independent – both terminated the agreement.

If Babis does not win the Together ranks, his chances of forming a government are in line with the right-wing SPD and other smaller parties, such as the Communists.

But ambassadors say an alliance against the anti-immigrant SPD – whose leader Tomio Okamura has said Czechs should cross pigs over mosques to “remind” Muslims of their ability to leave the country – could leave Babis alone in Europe.

The SPD also said it wanted the government to pass a law allowing for a referendum in the Czech Republic to leave the EU or Nato – which Babis had previously denied.

“[Sunday’s] Disclosure will increase the share of the election after the election. “What Babis can do in the future now depends on the Okamura and the Communists,” Nic said.

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