The new Apple MacBook Pro is back to what makes laptops better

The restoration of the MagSafe magnetic port, which is a well-known feature in older Macs, is especially welcome if you are immobile and stumble over your portable cables; MagSafe in particular ensures that cable cables are released and that the laptop does not fall to the ground.

This change in performance has come with another commitment. The new MacBook Pros are heavier than previous generations of the MacBook Pro, weighing 4.7 pounds and 3.5 maps respectively, adding half a kilogram of heft to the previous generation. But they also have fewer hairs, which means Apple has wisely used an internal machine to make these ports fit. Battery life, in other ways as needed, should be even better.

This should be a small part of the chip for upgrading these laptops. The new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips are built on the M1 device last year, which was Apple’s first processor for Macs and running the MacBook Air last year with the 13-inch MacBook Pro. with a recent experiment revealing its size – and in a simple list, Apple showed how chips need to outperform the Intel processors in almost every category. The company claims that the M1 Max’s 32-core GPU, for example, competes with even the most powerful laptops with graphics processors.

Apple’s software was designed to produce new chips, which will be released when the new MacBook Pros launches at the end of the month, and other third-party manufacturers were nearby (via video footage) to confirm the new Mac power. But the new MacBook Pros will still use last year’s emulator to run other x86 apps. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important features of MacBook Pros: Apple’s high-end buyers are also customers who spend a lot of money on apps, whether it’s their services or common cases, and are the ones Apple is targeting with a $ 2000-and-up machine .

“Many manufacturers have been anxious to see how the M1 is designed for their needs,” says Mikako Kitagawa, director at Gartner. “It’s not like all the programs are needed [optimized], but Apple has been working with leading developers like Adobe, so this time of working with these big projects could be a time for manufacturers to change their hardware. ”

Kitagawa said he believes the new MacBook Pros will not be too expensive, considering their starting price of $ 2,000. To put it another way: they don’t think the sale of the new MacBook Pros could change Apple’s current sales component on PC.

But the new technology is still the professional – and symbolic – essential for Apple. He further added that Microsoft has announced new developments Advanced Studio Laptop, which also looks for manufacturers, producers, and manufacturers. This is another laptop that you wouldn’t expect to create in the big market, but it’s a chance for Microsoft to showcase what they think it would offer potential manufacturers. Interest in manufacturers, and to some extent, counterculture, has always been in Apple’s Apple computer. In recent years, it has gone astray. To build the MacBook Pros in the future, Apple followed a path back to the past.

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