The latest scandal on Facebook seems to be the moment of Big Cigarettes, some say. It’s a great moment of oil.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal cited a well-known parable by listening to whistleblower on Facebook Tuesday. “Facebook and Big Tech are facing a time of Big Cigarettes,” he said, adding that online content “could be addictive and dangerous for children.” Frances Haugen, who blew the trumpet, he called out the same thing Facebook’s choices are “dangerous” and say the company “prefers profits over security.”

Do these words remind you of the Great Tobacco? Zedi. It also makes me think of Big Fat.

Where possible, Facebook marketing is a source that has brought some benefits. (Connecting people online can be a powerful thing!) The company also makes too many incomplete ones that cause a lot of problems. (Help destroying democracy it wasn’t really part of Mark Zuckerberg’s system of global dominationWith nearly 3 billion users worldwide, Facebook will soon be out of stock.

The Great Tobacco Illustration does a great job of making what Facebook sells as illegal. The only problem with comparing these two is that you can avoid cigarettes these days. But it’s hard to spend one day online not affiliated with Facebook.

Enter the fuel pattern. Like Facebook, there are fat residues. Oil and gas have always given us cheap, seemingly abundant energy. This has made them as cool as the internal combustion engine and the cars that provide them with power. But like Facebook, oil comes with a lot of challenges – like our dependence on them he is ruining the earth – and it is impossible to imagine that the world could function without them.

Most of us can’t leave Facebook. The whole world cannot pick up and move on to a new platform. In the meantime, we rely on Facebook sales to turn it off abruptly it can stop all wealth. We saw this happen on Monday, when a server configuration issue took place on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp for hours. This can be seen as a tragedy for many people in the United States, where there are many other ways to communicate and do business online. But in the South, some of Facebook’s features, especially WhatsApp, have become more important.

“Developing countries such as India, Mexico, and Brazil now rely on these free communications,” said Callum Sillars, a TV analyst at Ampere Analysis. told the Guardian this week. “They are often the backbone of these countries. Small and financial companies mainly rely on Facebook. ”

Sounds like our dependence on oil, doesn’t it? For example, if we woke up the following Monday and ran out of gas and all the earth’s gas, there would be chaos. But it would not be so bad in the US, where power is also used has been rising rapidly, as it would be parts of Africa and the Middle East. These developing countries it depends very much on dead fuel their daily electrical needs, and they there is no better way right now.

You can develop similarities. Facebook is like an oil market because everything play a developed part in geopolitics. Facebook, like oil, they make huge profits while it is destroying many people. Facebook, like the oil companies of the past, has a habit of constantly competing with them in order to dominate the market. Comparing Facebook to Game of Thrones is a very interesting thing, especially when you look at the different relationship between government opinion and government intervention in Standard Oil. In short, it was only when people thought that the oil industry came down in the early 1900s – thanks a little by the wonderful journalist Ida Tarbell – antifrust rulers came in to overthrow the kingdom of John D. Rockefeller.

What will happen to Mark Zuckerberg’s empire when you meet him the recent crisis over the destructive forces that plague humanity it is not well known, but this time it is more difficult than in the past. In him seer before the Senate Commerce Committee on Tuesday, Haugen gave lawmakers a blueprint for how to fix Facebook, and Sen. Blumenthal sang Zuckerberg to appear before the committee and answer some questions – especially about recent revelations, as Facebook found out that Instagram is hurting young girls but did nothing. If his appearance happens this month, Zuckerberg they can also meet with other fuel suppliers to testify before the Meteorological Committee.

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