The African mobile operator IHS Towers wants to calculate more than $ 7bn

IHS Towers, Africa’s leading mobile operator, wants to raise more than $ 7bn in its first offering to a group that could be the largest in the US and an African company.

The group, which operates more than 30,000 platforms in five African countries and in other markets in South America and the Middle East, is offering 22.5m shares at a cost of $ 21 to $ 24 a share, according to a US Securities and Securities Commission report on Monday. The offerings include shareholders who sell 4.5m shares, the company said.

South Africa’s MTN, Africa’s largest mobile subsidiary, owns 29% of IHS. Other shares are held by Goldman Sachs and Wendel, a French real estate broker.

IHS, the world’s fourth-largest independent agency, could raise about $ 380m in the middle of inflation, according to a legal filter.

Telecom groups in Europe and Africa have been lower prices on breasts and other construction projects as they destroy their business and try to make money that attracts investors.

The IHS grant also marks another milestone in the development of infrastructure that focuses on internet access in African markets. In addition to the interest of cents sellers, users of data centers and underground cables that have been providing the country with more international currency in recent months, the fastest growing epidemic has taken place.

MTN, which paid its value to IHS about R30bn ($ 2bn) at the end of June, is counting on the company’s list to boost billions of businesses and is about to sell and lease its thousands of platform phones to South Africa.

IHS also reported changes in interest rates, taxes, depreciation by $ 490m and profits of $ 77m in six months at the end of June. The group’s debts are twice as high as those changed last year.

The company has also spent a lot of money on platforms outside Africa, including special events in Brazil and Colombia this year, but its revenue is managed by its largest Nigerian market where it was established in 2001 and is the first to operate. Nigeria is MTN’s largest market among its subscribers.

The IHS announced last year that it was investigating US lists but encountered struggling markets during the epidemic. Goldman, Citi and JPMorgan are the leaders in the delivery.

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