Someone Cuts Off The Facebook Naval Account To Run ‘The Age of Kings’

Yes, it was a very bad, good, good week for Twitch. Amazon’s advertising campaign suffered destructive attack, and the Twitch code, maintenance charges, internal security equipment, and all other waste disposal on 4chan. It’s almost like losing data as you can see. Some of the consequences: Twitch streamers met suddenly, under duress provide visuals, which became meme on video and Twitch only.

Twitch was not the only meaningless activity this week. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have all been fired for several hours Monday. No, they were not hypocrites. Instead, Facebook accidentally deleted its BGP channel, which made the entire internet accessible. Not only that, but it has disrupted Facebook websites on online maps, meaning its experts cannot solve the problem remotely. What a mess! The company met Friday afternoon, but not for a significant reduction.

Are you using a password manager yet? And we’re in, your whole family? It should be! If you are having trouble convincing them, we have put it together a few ideas that can help them sell.

Simple fabric AirTag users may be at risk. And the judge found that the online company Cloudflare does not monitor the malicious pages that use its services.

And there is more! Each week we encourage all security issues WIRED does not explain in detail. Click on the headlines to read all the articles, and stay safe out there.

Everything is fine now, for sure; Navy has its own Facebook page. But one Sunday night, someone managed to read about the USS Kidd, a U.S. military destroyer, and used the opportunity, running a real-time game Years of Power. A Navy spokesman confirmed that someone had found “illegal access” on the Facebook page on this new page Task & Third Goal. The streams were accompanied by short messages such as “hello guys” and “play game” and “ffffffffffff.” The perpetrator appears to be a relative of someone with USS keys KiddDevelopment story.

Firefox is a great privacy opener, but maybe not in the meantime? In the latest version, when you type in the address bar you will find “important new ideas from our friends that we rely on based on what you want.” In other words, the type of advertising in an unexpected place. You can turn off the side by going to Causes, then Privacy & Security, then select Immediate thoughts under Address Bar – Explain Firefox. But then – you don’t have to do this first, and you need to be aware of how the URL meets your address bar.

A major robbery that did not get enough attention was quietly detected in the SEC listed by Syniverse, a mobile phone manufacturer. As The women’s box was first introduced, burglars have been able to stay in the Syniverse for many years, and would have had the opportunity to record all kinds of calls, perhaps including text messages. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

As for spies around the world! Google this week revealed that Russia Beautiful Bear The scam launched a fraudulent, anti-fraud campaign aimed at 14,000 Gmail users last month. Encouraged social accounts received notifications, and the group appears to have had journalists and security investigators as well as people in various other companies. Google said all these attempts were thwarted by spam filters, but the magnitude of the effort was unknown.

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