Seasonal stress was getting worse, so I made Clicker Games

Pa, a the flood came. We had repaired it with long plastic wells that came out of the house, but the water seeped into the basement. I have a small Wi-Fi wall-mounted piece that appears in black LEDs where all trains are located in New York City. We saw line after line dark. Then we spent a long night unloading cartons and tossing tires and a container. When the water was not flowing inside, we looked Twitter, where you can see the storms the same way — groundwater, swimming pools, river streams. There was a picture of a man who wanted to bring food on a bicycle in deep waist water. It all sounded great cyberpunk: home-grown plastic, social networking sites that are causing the problem in real-time, workers in giggles who are threatened by programs that improve their lives, streets have become flooded. But the sun rose.

We wandered, groggy. Our neighbor said he had lived here for 20 years and had never seen this before, which led to this happening once in 20 years. No one had a sump pump. My younger brother, who owned a larger house, said he remembers flooding in the area some 30 or 35 years ago. It would be too long. So: a three-hundred-year event. (Of course it probably won’t work like that; I was just trying to figure out how difficult things could be.)

My weight loss causes me to repeat, several times a day: I will be silent no matter what. And No matter what happens, I can stand it. And I will increase my hopes. That’s the whole thing of it. Things happen, be quiet, hold on. I started to see him because I was screaming at my kids about stupid things (I quit, mostly), but it’s not a bad way of flooding, either. We he said stay calm under pressure (hydrostatic). Another flood will come, however, which means that the time has come to increase our expectations.

My wife and I accomplish this through shared pages. There is a lot we can do — for example, I lost the sofa on the floor when the fungus sprouted — but a lot of work reduces it to the home care section: The Guy. The boy in the boat, the man on the floor, the man on the roof, and the plumber (where the “man” is silent). They thought I was a boy, but my wife was the builder, so I hid in an upstairs room when they arrived. He then comes and draws pictures on a piece of paper to describe what will happen. I shake my head and say simple words like questions, like “Pipes?” or “Drama?” That is our language of love.

Spreadsheets are great for dealing with our basement, but I don’t think they can reach every basement. And because, like most people, I really like it global warming, I have been looking for software tools that can help us all prepare. A colleague recommended Temperate, which looks good – let’s call it a “climate reduction” for the regions, making sure you’ve thought about floods, hurricanes, hot springs, and wildfires. I missed the free trial, but I’m not in the group. Then I read The problem is that the government provides about 500 “weapons” – other websites, PDFs – from sun-protected memes to calculators that tell you the risk of pathogens on your coast. It’s like looking at tracts in a hospital. I found the list helpful, but I’m not a coastal wetland (yet), so it wasn’t as helpful as it could have been.

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