Review of Bay Bay Tempo 30: Wireless Earbuds Wireless

Enter nature any gear location – Best Buy, either, or coffee shop in the SoMa area of ​​San Francisco. If you are lucky, you will soon hear the sound of a gear head. “But that’s just the way it is!” someone will cry. Whether pointing to a $ 900 pill or catch $ 2,800 camera, it is usually true that you receive what you pay for.

It can be hard to reconcile our expertise with a reasonable personal budget. Earlier this week, if you asked me for $ 40 wireless headphones, I would tell you this very much a little less, you get what you get.

After trying Back Bay Tempo 30, I had to review and review the tree before making it right away my friend Parker Hall try them too. I put on my $ 40 running headphones and walked my dog ​​in the rain, hanging around to the gym, and I couldn’t shake them. It’s great, and I feel like accepting others hard-working headphones.

Extreme Heat

Photo: Back Bay

Back to Bay Audio is the first of its kind in Boston. Founder Jeremy Abend spent a year making fitness headphones that could be both comfortable and comfortable, without selling.

From the moment I pulled them out of the packets, I was shocked. The case is aluminum and small, much smaller than my AirPods Pro case. They come with six types of rubber ears. I tried the rose gold color, and it also comes in black.

Unlike other leaves, the tips of the ears vary not only in size but also in depth. I have very small and shallow ears. Sufficiency is often exhausting, and I still tremble if there is no ear or extra ear to close the shoots. The shallow, medium-sized head tips that come with the Tempo 30 out of the box fit me safely and perfectly. That no it happens.

Drawing was easy. I just selected them from my iPhone 11 Bluetooth list. They don’t have a program to chat with EQ, but they do have a removal sound that is very useful. I had to get them out to hear my kids talk to me when I got home from the run.

Knocking the right shoots helps the Bass Boost genre. It was hard to know when it would work, because tapping the right shoot is how you create volume. You can turn down the volume by clicking on the left. I tried switching to Bass Boost several times, but as with most headphones, the bass are heavy even though they don’t.

Instead, Elle King’s “Drunk and I Don’t Want to Go Home” drums were so heavy that I took the leaves off my ears to the gym to watch. It seemed impossible that no one could hear the low voice except me.

Weight gain

Photo: Back Bay

These shoots are made up of a number of market groups. Battery life is eight and 32 hours with this charge. After four days of frequent wear, the battery is still at 80 percent. They read IPX7, which means they can be immersed in deep water for 30 minutes – I ran after wearing them in heavy rain (thank you, Oregon), and they felt and sounded good.

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