Ophthalmologist Uses Large iPhone 13 Pro Camera To See Patients’ Face

One of the new features of the iPhone 13 Pro is the Macro model which allows users to take pictures, more than you normally see. For those who are a lot of artists, this may be worth looking at, but it seems that it can be used to continue painting.

In writing on LinkedIn, Dr. Tommy Korn, an ophthalmologist, shared how he could use the iPhone 13 Pro’s Macro model to look into the eyes of his patients. It seems that the Macro model can have many uses other than photographing flowers and insects, because based on the photographs he posted, the experience is amazingly good.

According to Korn, “You’re using an iPhone 13 Pro Max on MACRO photos this week. Interesting. We’ll do patient eye care & telemedicine. Forward to see where it’s going.” What makes this even more surprising is the fact that Apple has not released new specs in the iPhone 13 Pro especially in Macro mode, so what we are seeing now is the results of the software.

We are very skeptical that a cell phone could use the right medical equipment, but it could be useful or in places where doctors need to go to remote villages and not take all their equipment.

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