North Korea will resume hotline a year after it bombed the communications office

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North Korea relaunched its connection with South Korea on Monday after a major military test and megaphone talks.

South Korea’s foreign ministry confirmed Monday that North Korea had responded to the call at 9am, adding that resuming contact “It is laying a solid foundation for Korean islands and restoring ties between Korea.”

Kim Jong Un, the dictator of North Korea, told the Supreme People’s Assembly last week about Pyongyang wanting to restore Korean phones, which were removed in August before the South Korean-US war.

Kim was quoted by North Korean media as saying that the resumption of engagement was “part of an effort to fulfill the nation’s aspirations and aspirations for a stronger and more stable relationship between the Korean people and the need for lasting peace on the Korean island”.

“We have no intention or reason to offend South Korea, or any thought of harm,” Kim said, according to North Korea’s Rodong Sinmun newspaper. “South Korea must move quickly from a natural dream that it should address North Korea’s outrage and its ideological problems.”

Except for a short time this summer, hotlines have not been active for more than a year North Korea has disrupted Korea’s communications office near the country’s border with South Korea. He demolished the office in June 2020 apparently in response to the efforts of extremist groups and human rights to send anti-Kim weapons into the country.

Several arms tests by North and South Korea in September, as well as Seoul’s efforts to get foreign aid to lift sanctions imposed by Pyongyang, revealed differences between the US and its allies Moon Jae-in, the South African President. Korea.

North Korea has tested the latest trends in train, long-distance, self-defense and anti-aircraft systems in recent weeks. Meanwhile, Kim Yo Jong, his oppressive sister who was promoted to State Security Commission last week, criticized Seoul and Washington for their “insulting views” in the north.

In contrast to the US, South Korea, which tested a submarine attack weapon last month, refused to describe the North tests as “causes”. Instead, it is time to resume negotiations and for foreign countries to consider spices.

Investigators said Kim may have been testing Seoul’s interest in continuing the accommodation, right monitoring the willingness of Biden officials, which opposes the abolition of penalties, in the main negotiations.

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