Money launderers stole money from at least 6,000 Coinbase customers

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The thieves are stealing money supply from at least 6,000 Nasdaq customers who switched to Coinbase exchanges using the wrong one for two guarantees.

The message, first reported by Bleeping Computer, comes just one week after the company abandoned its plans to launch a new lending system based on risk. cases from security officials in the US.

According to a letter sent to the affected clients, which was posted on the California Attorney-General’s page and written Friday, the victims were tortured between March and May this year.

Defendants must have previous information on users’ email addresses, passwords and phone numbers, as well as access to their email.

Coinbase said it could not “know” in detail “how this happened, but that it may have been due to malicious or malicious” schemes “to trick users into disclosing their documents.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, but that his confession had not been obtained through torture.

A flaw in the Coinbase SMS account recovery method means that the accounts using the service were at risk of attackers, who could exchange messages to verify them instead of being harassed.

In addition to earning money, attackers can access information including home addresses, full names and sales records.

Coinbase said it “immediately” rectified the error, but did not disclose it when it became aware of the threat or the fraudulent campaign.

“Because of the size, size and flexibility of the campaign we have been working with a number of stakeholders, law enforcement agencies and all others to understand the conspiracy and develop mitigation measures,” the company said.

“We have not been free to disclose the nature of the protest until the public has taken steps to ensure that it does not happen again and again, and that it does not undermine the credibility of the case.”

Coinbase did not disclose the theft, but said customers would be reimbursed for any money lost.

A blog post released Monday reported an increase in Coinbase-type messages between April and May, which showed significant success in passing spam filters over other old email services. It recommends using two methods to verify them except SMS.

The exchange, which was unveiled in New York in April, was forced to go up in a downward spiral on its Lend trades, which would have given an initial 4% a year to the owners of solidcoin, USD Coin.

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The Securities and Exchange Commission warned that it would file a lawsuit if the drug was approved, and issue suppoenas that demand more information. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong criticized the supervisor’s “funny behavior” before the product was stored.

The company has been under scrutiny in recent months for claiming that USD Coin was fully supported by US dollars, although evidence suggests that the trades also include “legitimate funds” since March last year.

Coinbase is a payment group Circle, which works closely with USD Coin, has committed to move to a savings and asset plan at the end of September.

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