LeMond Prolog Review: The Whole Carbon-Fiber Bicycle

Very good medicine they are often the ones who get angry quickly, look good, and get carried away. It doesn’t matter how good it is everything it works, or at what cost – whether it’s a dongle, a phone, or a two headphones-If you are not interested enough to open the box and use it.

You can answer in a number of ways, but for the motorcyclist, Prog Greg LeMond is hitting all the right goals. It’s an incredibly beautiful (cheap), lightweight carbon-fiber electric bike. It has a hybrid, sloping frame with straight candles, a 250-watt rear-hub Mahle drivetrain, and an 11-speed Shimano GRX rock-proof display. And at LeMond itself, it also has back attractions.

It’s beautiful, lightweight, and surprisingly fun to ride, but it differs from the electric field for a number of reasons, so it’s hard for me to make it for the average person. sick ebike buy this. But if you are bike man who wants ebike, is the one you need to buy.

Cutting Boxes

Photo: LeMond

Let’s go back here and discuss the package. Most high-end baskets do not come directly to consumers. These are expensive, powerful machines that can hurt you a lot if something goes wrong, which is why many manufacturers want to protect their reputation by working with well-known, affiliate vendors and machines to offer their bikes.

When I find a bike to buy for consumers, they have been beaten or missed. Sometimes it comes in handy, but if the bike is worth $ 1,000, it usually doesn’t. Forks arrive miraculously folded, or sloping carts slung over a stab wound to the side of the carton.

Then the manufacturer tells you, “We don’t have any leftovers, so you can fix it yourself, or you can tie the box in tape, make your own FedEx program, and get no inheritance for three months.” or whatever.

I rely so much on FedEx and the customer that LeMond made its own inventory to send the $ 4,500 bike directly to consumers, without the mechanics to do things like check the brakes. In terms of safety and open access — just pass a pre-arranged bike outside, and the steps and equipment are well-marked — are in front of the pack. The only posts I’ve seen that come close are VanMoof’s.

However, you should know a little about the bike. I followed the instructions and put them together, so that I could turn the light on a bit in the speaker. But when I got proud of it and walked up the street, the seat immediately went away destruction. I forgot to change and settle in the chair, which, in self-defense, is not something you think seriously about with an ebike. When a car is overworked, you can often run away with a few ergonomics.

Turn it on

Photo: LeMond

The bike has a 250-watt Mahle motor-hub motor with a 36-V Panasonic battery. It’s not the most powerful car you can find in the US, which sets a limit of 750 watts, but it’s a lot when the bike weighs only 26 pounds. In comparison, the cheapest next bike I’ve tried is Special Turbo Vado SL, which weighed 33 pounds.

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