Kishida will have to address the political crisis in Japan

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Over the past few days, various friends in Tokyo have expressed – or acted upon – an urgent need. okonomiyaki. In particular, they want Hiroshima’s kind of delicious sweets, featuring Noodles, a humble egg and popularity on the media after Yuko Kishida made dinner last Wednesday.

She did this in the hours following her husband, Fumio, had won the Liberal Democratic Party. This means they have won Yoshihide Suga such as the prime minister of Japan: a country where ordinary people have the prospect of living the best life in the world, but prime ministers live almost two years after the war – about the same time as western mosquitoes. With just a few suggestions from the new Prime Minister, says the chairman of one of Japan’s largest companies, it is more important than their opportunity to address the issue.

With all the hopes of a real high-end real estate or a strong exchange, Kishida’s success was a clear one, documented and shattered by the window and LDP machine politics. It is a show that has been on the run ever since 1955. Photo of a loving designer okonomiyaki , during the controversy, the cut subliminal was changed to prepare Japan to become an illegal slave with the help of a recent pilot. The light remains warm, the LDP estimates, with the country voting in this year’s by-elections.

As usual with the changes taking place in the world’s major markets and financial markets, there is a great deal of confusion about what the business can mean, and what ideas Kishida should push (as far as possible), issues to mention and what to do in the external market. external ideas. These questions will escalate this week when the new prime minister is named. The analysts say that, as the markets should be, the leader is surrounded by elections and financial institutions will create a promised package worth tens of yen and deal with the reopening after Covid.

But in the past, it has been reported that a number of senior executives, businesses are holding internal negotiations on what to do with Kishida management. The incoming PM seems determined to force or encourage Japanese companies to raise wages, which could put him at risk for a business transaction in Keidanren. Don’t stayokonomiyaki Media outlets have been pushing for a three-quarter law reform that would make them more selective, not coercive. He also mentioned changes in the laws governing corporations that would encourage corporations to pursue their own interests instead of pressuring them.

Entrepreneurs can embrace this change; Investors may see it as the goal of restoring power of change over the last six years. Kishida also spoke of a new form of capitalism and a rejection of the negative stereotypes that Japan had established in the mid-2000s. A senior official told me that Kishida was interested in distributing wealth “it gives me a cold”.

But business leaders are wondering how important this is if Kishida comes without visible weapons to fight the statistics? And is there, in the meantime, who can show a leader that he can live a long life when the medium-sized enterprise system, depending on the size, can wait for a change of Prime Minister before it happens?

Another challenge lies with Shinzo Abe, the successor to Kishida, Japan’s most powerful prime minister after resigning in 2020 after 3,186 days in office. In addition to reducing the amount of time, Abe has a long history of proving to organizations, corporations, politicians and lawmakers that, many years later, there was something like the Japanese Prime Minister who was able to keep animal mosquitoes away. It was, he said, a resident of the four constituencies, a transformative force that also asked for new ideas on how the Prime Minister’s plans and promises should be expected.

The Suga year of oversight, given the severity of the plague, can be considered as serious. The machines on which Kishida was installed clearly show that the old LDP methods have returned, as well as the adoption of future leaders. Kishida, then, is the obvious test as to whether Abe adds a long-term political dimension. If not, we should just wait until 2023 to find out what the next Prime Minister’s next Instagram meal is.

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