Jeff Bezos’s Orbital Reef space shuttle could replace the ISS

After more than two decades, NASA is planning to quit its mission at the International Space Station. The standard satellite only has a license to operate until 2024, and it is possible that the cost of the site could be fixed. growth until 2028, NASA plans to eliminate the ISS and find a replacement at the end of the decade. By Jeff Bezos.

The billionaire space company, Blue Origin, has released its idea new space shuttle called Orbital Reef. With the help of several other companies, including Sierra Space and Boeing, Blue Origin is planning to build a satellite itself a little less than the ISS and houses up to 10 people. The design includes desk space, computers, laboratories, garden, and 3D printers. The goal, the company says, is to bring “various activities in the park“Think around and lend an office to those who are interested, including government agencies, researchers, tourism companies, and film production teams.

The Blue Origin program was pre-arranged on the assumption that the end is coming for the ISS, which NASA still exists. awareness how to deduct from orbit. Although space technology has been instrumental in astronomy, vice president of Blue Origin Brent Sherwood protested. recent op-ed that the private sector now has the potential to seize the growing wealth in Low-Earth orbit, or LEO. Blue Origin is also building a space tug, a freight car that moves between transports, which he says can be used save sessions to ISS and incorporates them into Orbital Reef systems.

NASA is not responsible for the seizure of Low-Earth orbit corporations. The agency’s airspace, SkyLab, it just went on and on for months Before NASA allowed the car to disembark and rot in space. The airspace has been reducing ISS costs, which is full of old weapons, for several years, and has already been set aside up to $ 400 million to support new, privately built and privately managed facilities through its site LEO Business premises software. In the end, NASA hopes to send astronauts to the site instead of paying to keep the ISS. Overall, the system could save the state even more $ 1 billion annually.

“This is a technology that has spanned 20 years so far. Things will get worse,” Wendy Whitman Cobb, a professor at the US Air Force’s School of Air and Space Studies, told Recode. “Having a place to do this will be a way for Americans to keep their footing on the earth’s path while focusing on their resources in the exploration of the Moon and Mars.”

In the meantime, NASA is looking into the matter The Artemis program, a system aimed at establishing a long-term human existence on the Moon. The commission plans to send people to the Moon for the first time in a few decades as soon as 2024, and hopes the mission will serve as a way to advance Mars’ exploration. The private sector, including Blue Origin, has been actively involved in participating in this high-profile project, especially a lucrative strategic partnership for the most important technical services to date. Pictures of SpaceX he won that contract earlier this year, I made the Bezos company that against NASA and promoting the Senate to reverse the decision. That effort did not bear fruit, so Bezos now seems to be turning to Earth-Earth’s low-income economy, which has more customers and less competition from Elon Musk.

But there is reason to believe that the Orbital Reef project will not be successful soon – or not. Blue Origin did not lead people back on track, which SpaceX did last month Inspiration4 function. Also Blue Origin list its New Glenn reusable launch system is Boeing’s Starliner crew as the most important parts of the Orbital Reef system, but both vehicles have not yet flown in the air without a problem.

Blue Origin has released translations of the Orbital Reef station.
Courtesy of Blue Origin

Blue Origin is not the only company that wants to change the ISS. Nearly 12 other companies have already submitted space ideas to NASA’s Commercial LEO Destinations program. Last week, a space company called Nanoracks he announced that it is also making space for space, in collaboration with many owners Voyager Space and Lockheed Martin. At the same time, NASA has already agreed to pay Axiom Space $ 140 million to help build one piece, or detachable space station district, that will connect to the ISS. Those modules will eventually be unveiled and integrated into a number of other modules to create a separate, fully functional space while the ISS is in operation. This approach should facilitate the easy transfer that is in the ISS on the new vehicle.

In a statement, a NASA spokesman described what was happening here as a “resumption of human exposure.” He added, “As more people fly through the sky and do more in their flight, it attracts more people to do more in the lower reaches of Earth and show the growing market we thought we started with NASA’s Commercial Crew Program 10 years ago.”

For NASA, it is also necessary for one of the companies to do well, and the agency told Recode it could provide four cents. Other than that, time is running out on the ISS, of course failures and archeology and weapons it is common. Without specialized companies stepping in to create an alternative, the US government is jeopardizing the human future on the Moon and the Earth, and there is no middle ground.

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