Jamaica is a Professional Desert. Gamers Make It Work

Where Jamaica is A good place to go for someone who wants to go on vacation and cheap, for local people who know the technology, access to high-quality, flexible internet and equipment is a challenge. Jamaica is in many ways a wilderness of technology: not as a major attraction for tech-savvy tourists, but because it is difficult for business owners and citizens to acquire professionalism.

Technology is lacking in Jamaica because it is expensive to import – the process is long and tedious. Companies like Amazon do not ship directly to Jamaican citizens, which is why there is a Prime account for free and fast shipping.

Andrew Johnson, founder of organizations and vice president of Jamaican Esports Initiative team, and the river. Johnson, like every footballer, is trying to improve his plans and improve what he has. To do so, they need a common way to get the tools and equipment that everyone needs, but they can’t afford the things that Americans or Europeans see as picture cards or webcams, without paying double the price, if they can ever get them.

The magazine reaches online. The service providers in the country are Digicel and You walk. They charge more for faster speeds compared to ISPs in other countries.

According to Johnson, using the internet is better than ever, but especially for people living in Kingston, Jamaica. Johnson said: “For people who live in rural areas, they can’t connect with a cable.” “Their highest speed is 8 Mbps. Digicel introduced broadband and fiber. I am downloading 200 Mbps and 100 Mbps.”

Digical is one of the largest internet service providers in Jamaica, and their prices are similar to those of American ISPs, but they are much faster.Courtesy of Junae Benne

To slow down and slow down bandwidth, Jamaican waves often travel before 6 a.m. and after 6 p.m., because leisure time is a good, reliable time to connect.

When it comes to cars and shopping, Jamaica does not have an electronics store like Best Buy or Micro Center. Their big box sales can have them one electronic, but it is twice the price Americans pay, and Jamaican consumers know.

“You can buy televisions, electronics, and things in your local store like What’s New, Intcomex, and Royal Computers. It’s better to buy an old-fashioned TV than to buy an old card, ”says Johnson. It is said that they have been in talks with retailers, such as Royal Computers and Intcomex, to keep electronic games on the game.

So why not buy out? Most Jamaicans cannot afford to buy American or European prices. Low pay in Jamaica and J $ 175 ($ 1.34 US) per hour, which translates to J $ 7,000 ($ 46) per week. The average annual salary is approximately J $ 336,378 ($ 22,219)

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